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Spaces still to be filled’: Culture and community in a changing world
François Matarasso
Date: 16th Nov 2010

This paper was commissioned by HI~Arts as an introduction to the themes and issues to be considered in the Highlands and Islands Enterprise/Creative Scotland conference Old Maps and New. François Matarasso is a writer, researcher and consultant with 25 years’ experience in community-based arts development. His work on the Fèisean movement has been particularly influential. The views contained in his paper are François’s own, and should not be taken as representing the views of HIE, HI~Arts, or Creative Scotland


Yes, we are all in this together
Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, New Statesman
Date: 11th Nov 2010

Our book The Spirit Level was first published  in March 2009, about six months after the start  of the worst financial crisis since the Second  World War. Much of the blame for the crisis  was rightly attributed to extraordinary risks  taken by people in the financial sector whose excesses were matched only by their grotesquely  high salaries


Improving Health in Difficult times
Presentation by Harry Burns at the NHS Event
Date: 11th Nov 2010

A health asset is any factor or resource which enhances the ability of individuals, communities and populations to maintain their heralth and sustain wellbeing. The assets can operate…as protective and promoting factors to buffer against life’s stresses


Speech by Laurence Demarco at the AGM, Douglas, St Brides 27th October 2010
Laurence Demarco
Date: 4th Nov 2010

 Speech by Laurence Demarco at the AGM, Douglas, St Brides 27th October 2010

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