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Social Capital Feedback
Date: 29th Oct 2004
Last week's piece on social capital generated a lot of interest with over 130 visits to Colin's definitions paper. ...more

The big picture
Date: 29th Oct 2004
In regeneration everyone wants a cultural strategy. But it's no use paying lip service to creativity, says David Barrie: it should be built-in across the board. ...more

A tale of two ecovillages: reviving the health of local communities
Jonathan Dawson
Date: 27th Oct 2004
The ecovillage movement has begun to develop interesting and strikingly effective models - next task is to transfer these out of the intentional community seedbed and into wider society, argues Jonathan Dawson. ...more

Two cities are ‘twin engines’ of economy
Scottish Executive
Date: 26th Oct 2004
Edinburgh and Glasgow are twin engines driving the Scottish economy and they should continue to work together to ensure their future success, Minister Tom McCabe tells conference....more

The street we're in
Will Hutton
Date: 24th Oct 2004
The High Street is becoming the contemporary retailing version of the coal mine, shipbuilder or steel mill - an economic structure that capitalism is leaving behind as pitilessly as once it was invented, writes Will Hutton ...more

Why would we want to be Europe's offshore Las Vegas?
Polly Toynbee
Date: 24th Oct 2004
Super casinos will bring gambling addiction, poverty and urban blight, argues Polly Toynbee...more

Definitions of Social Capital
Colin Campbell
Date: 22nd Oct 2004
'Social Capital' has for a long time been one of those fashionable jargon phrases – best avoided? It keeps coming back. Colin Campbell, who studies Social Capital, has assembled seven different definitions. ...more

Big Lottery fund/Community Fund Guidelines 2004-05
Community Fund
Date: 22nd Oct 2004
The Big Lottery Fund in Scotland (for the moment still operating under the name Community Fund) funding strategy, explains its priorities and the types of projects more likely to be supported by it. ...more

Tudor Trust funding guidelines
Tudor Trust
Date: 22nd Oct 2004
The Tudor Trust has issued new funding priorities and exclusions covering the 6 months from October 2004 to end of March 2005. Of particular interest are smaller under-resourced organisations which are people centred and provide direct services. ...more

This is the way to win
Susan George
Date: 21st Oct 2004
In five years, social forums have changed the political landscape. But passion is not enough, argues Susan George...more

Social enterprise grows up
Rowena Young
Date: 15th Oct 2004
"Social enterprise is more than a delivery mechanism for public services or a better way of exercising charity. It contains a new way of life, a new way of organising our society and economy," argues Rowena Young...more

Retail therapy: the Food Train
Erlend Clouston
Date: 15th Oct 2004

One of five winners of the recent Guardian Charity awards, Food Train is a highly successful Dumfries organisation which does the shopping for 300 immobile customers across the remote rolling south west of Scotland.


Time to act not just talk
Aleida Guevara
Date: 15th Oct 2004
A better world is possible. The challenge lies in being able to act, rather than just talk, argues Aleida Guevara...more

A national social enterprise for Scotland?
Date: 15th Oct 2004

Twelve months' talk about creating a national social enterprise in Scotland has had little success. This could be changing with a proposal from Brian Tannerhill (McSence) that's generating a lot of interest in the sector.


A sign of Confusion
Norma Hurley
Date: 14th Oct 2004
Scotland’s many efforts to tackle social exclusion and skills development have left a mass of perplexing paths, says Norma Hurley. The solution, she argues, is to create a single agency to champion employability....more

Tories threaten consensus on Bill
Third Sector
Date: 12th Oct 2004
The cross-party consensus behind the Charities Bill appeared to be in peril last week as the Conservatives declared opposition to some of its proposals....more

Blow by blow ...
David Bellamy and George Monbiot
Date: 7th Oct 2004
David Bellamy and George Monbiot, two of Britain's leading environmentalists, have been arguing fiercely about climate change and wind farms. Their correspondence continues . . . ...more

Towards a better understanding of social entrepreneurship
Jerr Boschee and Jim McCLurg
Date: 6th Oct 2004
two 'veteran' social entrepreneurs argue that "if traditional nonprofits come to a better understanding of what social entrepreneurship is actually about, more of them will summon the courage to begin emphasizing earned income, sustainability and self-sufficiency". ...more

Holyrood’s £100m pledge “not enough”
Joey Gardiner
Date: 6th Oct 2004
The Scottish Executive has been criticised for failing to live up to its promises on affordable housing, despite pledging an annual increase of £100 million into the sector in its three-year budget, announced last week. ...more

Leo Rosten
Leo Rosten
Date: 6th Oct 2004

"The purpose of life is not to be happy, but to matter - to count, to stand for something, to have it make some difference that we lived at all"


Community finance has hard time paying its way
Rosie Niven
Date: 5th Oct 2004
Community banks are helping to support enterprise among those on low incomes but are struggling for their own survival, newly published research has revealed. ...more

GEM Report 2004 findings
Rebecca Harding
Date: 1st Oct 2004
Rebecca Harding of London Business School and Global Entrepreneurship Monitor reports that social enterprise in UK is increasingly business oriented and has high growth potential...more
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