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Edinburgh’s carbuncles to go in revamp
Ruaridh Nicoll
Date: 30th Oct 2005
A massive overhaul of the Scottish capital is under way - but will it remain 'the most beautiful' city in the world? ...more

Time to channel human potential
Laurence Demarco
Date: 28th Oct 2005
Communities minister David Miliband has recently been promoting a radical 'communitarian' agenda. The biggest challenge will be to attract citizen participation - particularly in places where just getting by can be heroic. ...more

Blair’s public service crusade
Patrick Wintour
Date: 27th Oct 2005
Tony Blair is using his final years in government to rush through a radical transformation of the role of the state right across the public sector. Will his gamble pay off?...more

Is the hired help just a rip-off?
Matt Keating
Date: 26th Oct 2005
They are controversial, expensive, loved by Tony Blair and loathed by the unions. Even so, management consultants say they deliver productivity and efficiency to their clients. Matt Keating reports ...more

New report backs social investment
Third Sector
Date: 21st Oct 2005
Relatively few foundations engage in social investment, according to a report launched today by the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. ...more

Regeneration must side with the locals
Laurence Demarco
Date: 21st Oct 2005
Growing community assets is set to become the key issue in regeneration, simply because it works....more

Scotland's murderous heart
Irvine Welsh
Date: 20th Oct 2005
A new report claims Scotland has a higher murder rate than America. The UN says it's the 'most violent place in the developed world'. How did it come to this? Leading Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh on the dark heart of his beloved homeland ...more

“A different sort of relationship between local government and local people”
Date: 18th Oct 2005
David Milliband discusses the future of regional and local government, and how this relates to local communities, with Jon Sopel on the Politics Show (BBC1)...more

Handyman shows how the ageists got it wrong
Daily Telegraph
Date: 17th Oct 2005
Mike Crisp refused to be browbeaten when confronted by the age barrier - he decided to capitalise on his talent for fixing things by setting up his own business......more

Local politics is an antidote to apathy
Date: 14th Oct 2005
The declining interest in national politics is a reflection of a decline in local activity and the often deliberate discouragement of community democracy....more

Jamie puts a solution on the table. Any takers?
The Herald
Date: 13th Oct 2005
He's already worth an estimated £20m, thanks to the telly series, Sainsbury's advertising campaigns, and five bestselling cookbooks. So why does Jamie Oliver bother to keep on going? Cate Devine finds that bringing about social change is where his heart lies....more

Burgh elections in Scotland
Andy Wightman
Date: 13th Oct 2005
Andy Wightman reports on democracy being abandoned in Scotland between 1493 and 1833 ...more

Procurement is murky pool - look before you dive in

Date: 12th Oct 2005
Is that elusive public sector contract the answer to your funding problems? Tim Foggin would like a word in your ear before you leap in ...more

Revealed: state's grip on Scotland
Eddie Barnes
Date: 10th Oct 2005
"New figures suggest the ballooning public sector is strangling wealth creation", writes Eddie Barnes (Scotland on Sunday) ...more

Independent Review Of Support Services Available To The Voluntary Sector
Date: 7th Oct 2005
An independent review of support services available to the voluntary sector ...more

The role of social enterprises and community groups
David Cameron
Date: 6th Oct 2005
David Cameron speaks at the Centre for Social Justice on the role of social enterprises and community groups ...more

Power Struggle
Andrew Picken
Date: 6th Oct 2005
From bed and breakfasts to fair trade coffee and windfarms, social businesses bring two ideas normally at loggerheads together – community and profit. But can they really work, asks Andrew Picken...more

Holiday homes taking house prices beyond locals’ reach: report
Cedric Benson
Date: 5th Oct 2005

Desperation and resentment growing among young, particularly, forced to look elsewhere for homes.


Growing Pains
Graham Readfearn
Date: 3rd Oct 2005
Ministers want social enterprises to play a key role in developing sustainable communities. But are they getting the support they need to grow? Graham Readfearn finds out ...more

The future of social enterprise
New Start
Date: 1st Oct 2005

Will social enterprise prove an expensive diversion for the voluntary sector, or is there more to gain than lose?

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