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Patchy vision
The Guardian
Date: 27th Oct 2006
The core issue is not local government structures but powers. If councils are given more scope to make a difference then they will be taken more seriously. Proposals yesterday included a reduction in the number of centrally-imposed targets and the removal of various ring-fences limiting discretion on expenditure. But these steps are not part of a coherent localism. ...more

Highland estate buy-outs go urban as historic deal is signed
Big lottery fund
Date: 27th Oct 2006
The concept of “Highland estate buy-outs” went urban today with the sealing of a £50 million deal on the Clyde in the heart of Glasgow....more

All Hailes to the top post office
Lee Simpson
Date: 27th Oct 2006
Staff and customers at an Edinburgh post office were celebrating this week after it was named the best in Scotland. The Wester Hailes branch picked up the accolade in the 2006 Best Post Office Awards thanks to its friendly staff and "first class" customer service....more

Minority Report
Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 24th Oct 2006
With a dedicated strategy, councils can give social enterprises a real boost in their work to regenerate local communities, environments and economies. But as Nicola Carroll finds, only a tiny minority have produced such strategies....more

Public should have their say on 'oor water'
Johnston Birchall
Date: 23rd Oct 2006
Johnston Birchall explains why 'mutualising' Scotland's water wouuld be both a logical and a just move. ...more

The Marketing Needs of the Social Enterprise Sector
Rocket Science
Date: 18th Oct 2006
Executive Summary of the research carried out by Rocket Science, with full report available for download. ...more

Approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)
Scoial Enterprise Academy
Date: 18th Oct 2006

The Social Enterprise Academy is now approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) as a centre delivering a suite of six accredited programmes. 



'A twenty first century constitutional settlement '
Gordon Brown
Date: 18th Oct 2006
In the Donald Dewar Memorial Lecture 2006, Gordon Brown argues for a three-way relationship between the responsible citizen, the empowered community and enabling government....more

“Social enterprise has fantastic possibility"
AZM Anas
Date: 16th Oct 2006
On the day he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Grameen founder Muhammed Yunus Founder and managing director of Grameen Bank Muhammad Yunus is toying with yet another innovative idea of creating "social enterprise". (Interview) ...more

Banker to the world's poor wins Nobel peace prize
Randeep Ramesh,
Date: 16th Oct 2006
A Bangladeshi economist yesterday won the Nobel peace prize for helping to lift millions out of poverty by lending tiny amounts of money directly to the neediest people on the planet....more

Cameron has substance - but it’s nonsense
David Miliband
Date: 16th Oct 2006
David Miliband says that the Tory leader’s core idea of social responsibility is s hopeless muddle of state action and individual duty. If Labour gets its act together he is doomed....more

Secretary of State for Health announces £1m for social enterprises at NHS Networks event
NHS Networks
Date: 13th Oct 2006
Patricia Hewitt announced that one million pounds of funding will be available for 'pathfinder' social enterprises in health and social care during this financial year....more

Community Power
Nicholl Stephen
Date: 12th Oct 2006
Nicholl Stephen, leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats nails his party's colours to the mast regarding the community agenda, in his recent 'premanifesto' document ...more

We need recruits for the social enterprise sector
John Bird
Date: 10th Oct 2006
Social enterprise may not pay as much as a more commercial sector but it offers vast new untapped rewards. It offers a broader concept of what is achievement. It offers purpose for many who feel disillusioned by the commercial world of work. And it offers the chance for people who want to make their mark, says John Bird (The Times) ...more

Social Entrepreneur Bill Strickland's 'Business' puts people back into life
Rosanne Skirble
Date: 9th Oct 2006
Strickland says the reason his educational initiative has been successful where others have failed is that it meets precisely the economic needs of the community, instead of training people for jobs that often don't exist....more

The best of both worlds
Michael Lyons
Date: 6th Oct 2006
For all their differences, local government and the voluntary sector operate in the same space with the same goals, values and even methods. ...more

What resources do you need to make your organisation stronger and more effective?
Commission on Unclaimed Assets
Date: 5th Oct 2006
We have developed this questionnaire to give us a better understanding of the current issues affecting the third sector and what are its funding needs. ...more

Social Economy Advisory Board Awayday Update
Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition
Date: 5th Oct 2006
The Social Economy Advisory Board held its first Awayday over the 2-3 October at the Scottish Miners’ Convalescent Home in Culross. See update here...more

An antidote to partnership working
Lucie Stephens, Andy Benson and Penny Waterhouse
Date: 4th Oct 2006
Lucie Stephens, Andy Benson and Penny Waterhouse provide a UK-wide perspective on  building genuine capacity for independent action, providing an antidote to the rhetoric of ‘partnership working’ (View magazine)...more

New social enterprise school to boost Liverpool's regeneration
Date: 3rd Oct 2006
A brand new school has been launched in Liverpool teaching students how to help regenerate the areas in which they live and reap the benefits. ...more
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