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There’s a snarl-up on the social enterprise brick road
Gordon Keenan
Date: 26th Oct 2007

Gordon Keenan puzzles over the ‘deafening silence’ that has greeted cuts at Remploy


Fresh thinking for the new republic - Bella Caledonia
Bella Caledonia
Date: 26th Oct 2007
A new news magazine Bella Caledonia* launches at the Radical Book Fair, Out of the Blue, Drill Hall, Edinburgh 27th October at 7.30 pm ....more

G.R.O.W- Greyfriars Recycling of Wood
The Greyfriars Community Project
Date: 25th Oct 2007
“If developing our skills makes us happy, why do we make so much room in our lives for devices that eliminate the need to develop skills?” Carmela Federico...more

Fire of Regeneration
Alastair McIntosh
Date: 25th Oct 2007
Alastair McIntosh argues that interpretation can play a life and death role in community regeneration - but only if it has the courage to reach the deepest roots of what it means to be human....more

Building Confident Communities
Steve Wyler
Date: 25th Oct 2007
The key to building confident communities is to stay in touch with the old and distinctive, while allowing local people to get on with things, says Steve Wyler...more

Talk business, 'you'll raise cash'
Emma Rigby, Third Sector
Date: 19th Oct 2007
Billionaire philanthropist Tom Hunter told charities last week that they were more likely to find wealthy donors if they appealed to their competitive streaks....more

Seeking sanctuary
Sanjida O'Connell
Date: 18th Oct 2007
The isle of Rum has for 50 years been a nature reserve, so why does Scottish Natural Heritage now want more people to live there? (Guardian)...more

Applying the Scottish Charity Test
Stephen Maxwell
Date: 12th Oct 2007
A  critical comment on OSCR’s judgement on the High School of Dundee....more

Community Anchor Organisations
Date: 12th Oct 2007
Up and down the country, organisations known as community anchors are making extraordinary differences to people’s lives. ...more

Bright's Blog
Martin Bright
Date: 5th Oct 2007
Politics uncovered by Martin Bright, New Statesman political editor...more

Call for Support
Women’s Library
Date: 5th Oct 2007
The Women’s Library is now applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund for essential funding to assist their move to the Mitchell library in 2009....more
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