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Stephen Maxwell
Date: 31st Oct 2008
Stephen Maxwell  - Analysis ...more

Halving Poverty By 2015 --We Can Actually Make It Happen
Muhammad Yunus
Date: 30th Oct 2008
Delivered at the Commonwealth Institute, London on March 11, 2003...more

Social Business Entrepreneurs are the Solution
Muhammad Yunus
Date: 30th Oct 2008
Many of the problems in the world remain unresolved because we continue to interpret capitalism too narrowly. In this narrow interpretation we create a one-dimensional human being to play the role of entrepreneur....more

Governments' ‘SROI fixation' ignores sector experience, claims social impact pioneer
Jon Molyneux, Social Enterprise Magazine
Date: 30th Oct 2008
The government is fixated with social return on investment (SROI) at the expense of other forms of impact measurement, according to a pioneer of social accounting. ...more

Scotlands Finest in line for UK Awards
The Wise Group
Date: 24th Oct 2008
Two local Glasgow-based organisations are showing how the social enterprise sector in Scotland is making a big impact in the UK. ...more

Lessons from America could smooth the CLT path
Guest lecture by John Davis
Date: 23rd Oct 2008
Dr John Davis, of Burlington Associates, Vermont, gave a guest lecture at the University of Salford on 9th October 2008 to an audience of academics, local authority staff and community representatives. ...more

Proposed actions to empower communities
Date: 23rd Oct 2008
In March 2008, Local People Leading produced a position statement reflecting the joint views of a number of leading community sector intermediaries in relation to what community empowerment is, why it is important and identified a number of key opportunities for further development. ...more

As Brown poses as FDR, look ahead to a very new capitalism
Charles Leadbeater, The Spectator
Date: 22nd Oct 2008

Charles Leadbeater, the acclaimed innovator and new media analyst, predicts a transformed landscape: a new ‘networked’ capitalism in which the state plays a part but cannot pick winners — a system that is chastened, subdued and fraught with social danger


Anti-democratic nature of US capitalism is being exposed
Noam Chomsky
Date: 17th Oct 2008
THE SIMULTANEOUS unfolding of the US presidential campaign and unraveling of the financial markets presents one of those occasions where the political and economic systems starkly reveal their nature. ...more

Prove and Improve
David Parker, New Sector
Date: 16th Oct 2008
David Parker reports on developments in social accounting and audit and social resturn on investment. ...more

The city has gained plaudits from Lonely Planet - but with high levels of poverty and alcohol abuse
Lesley Riddoch, The Guardian
Date: 16th Oct 2008
The Lonely Planet says: "Forget about castles, kilts, bagpipes and tartan."
Fine - Glasgow never indulged in the "Balmorality tradition" anyway. Let's just pause there a second.

Situation vacant: a theorist is sought to succeed Mr Keynes
David Marquand, The Guardian
Date: 16th Oct 2008
The capitalist system is the least bad we have, but the role of states and markets need redefining for the modern economy...more

Andrew Simms, The Guardian
When money's too tight
Date: 16th Oct 2008
It's becoming clear that the turmoil in financial markets will have a huge impact on public services and the voluntary sector. We ask experts to assess the damage and suggest what can be done to combat the crisis...more

Address by Alan Hobbett at the organisation’s formal launch
Date: 10th Oct 2008
Community Energy Scotland is aimed at constituted community groups throughout Scotland which have a desire to become more sustainable in their operations through energy efficiency measures and renewable technologies. ...more

Tories discover their missing social links
Patrick Butler, The Guardian
Date: 9th Oct 2008
The Conservatives may have very few concrete policies, but they have at least discovered that there is more to life than knowing the price of everything...more

Market meltdown can herald the era of social business
Rodney Schwartz, The Guardian
Date: 9th Oct 2008
Peer beyond the wreckage of western financial systems and it may be possible to discern the outlines of the future. The ...more

'Confident Communities'
Speech by The Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP
Date: 9th Oct 2008
'Confident Communities'
Development Trusts Association Annual Conference 2007...more

Face it: Marx was partly right about capitalism
Rowan Williams, The Spectator
Date: 3rd Oct 2008
Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, says that the financial world needs fresh scrutiny and regulation. In our attitude to the market, we run the risk of idolatry...more

Britain on a plate
Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian
Date: 3rd Oct 2008
Jamie's Ministry of Food, the celebrity chef's new TV series, is a powerful portrait of the socially excluded. It also reveals an enduring truth, says Felicity Lawrence: our diet today is as much about class as it always has been - and it will take more than a one-man mission to change that...more

Ray of hope
Saba Salman, The Guardian
Date: 3rd Oct 2008
The Tories say community organisations can best deliver improvements - and the Sunlight trust is considered a model. But can its success be replicated?...more
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