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Extract from The Bolivar Lecture By Dr. Richard Holloway
The Anglo-Venezuelan Society
Date: 22nd Oct 2009
This is where El Sistema comes in.  It gets children playing again, playing arduously.  There are three aspects of the method that are instructive. ...more

The cultural evangelist - Roy Clare, chairman, Living Places
Sarah Townsend, Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 2nd Oct 2009
The head of a programme that seeks to put art and culture at the centre of regeneration projects is adamant that even without funding it can spread its message across the sector....more

Case study: A model community centre
Patrick Butler, The Guardian
Date: 1st Oct 2009
'It's a different relationship. Local people are partners in the services they get, not recipients'...more

Scaling up from bunnies to bananas
Mike Finlayson, NewStart
Date: 1st Oct 2009
Having spent a year or so at Forth Sector I have come to two conclusions: social enterprises don’t really exist and our social firms have no future. At this point I should go home, but you deserve an explanation....more

Letter to TfN
Date: 1st Oct 2009
In publishing the recent `joint statement` on its relationship with the third sector at a local level, Scottish Govt would appear to have reverted to the position that SCVO legitimately represents all sections of the third sector in Scotland – which is simply not the case. ...more

Capital gains
David Halpern
Date: 1st Oct 2009
David Halpern argues that social capital – the foundation for an economy of regard – is a better measure of national wealth than conventional economic indicators ...more
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