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Can We Create Social Change Without Money?
Daily Good, by Nipun Mehta
Date: 29th Oct 2015


Can we create social change without money? I don't have a conclusive answer but just holding that question can raise some very interesting insights.

What is Land Reform?
Common Space, by Michael Gray
Date: 29th Oct 2015

Half of Scotland’s private land is owned by just 432 people. Bet most of you didn’t know that. 


What does EVEL actually do?
Lallands Peat Worrier
Date: 28th Oct 2015

What does the UK government's "English votes for English laws" scheme actually do? It makes Scottish MPs second-class citizens in the UK parliament. 


The SNP and the road to radical land reform
LandMatters, by Andy Wightman
Date: 22nd Oct 2015

On Thursday evening last week, Channel 4 news broadcast an 11 minute film on land reform in Scotland. It’s worth a watch. It highlights, among other things, how grassroots members of the SNP are campaigning for a more vigorous approach to land reform. 


A Nation of Scroungers
The Huffington Post, by Jess Phillips
Date: 21st Oct 2015

My head hurts. I've spent a long day on the Welfare and Work Bill Committee. In this meeting I headbutted the table every time the DWP and Treasury ministers in front of me made the same glaring and obvious mistake.


My five Green promises to the Scottish people
Herald Scotland, by Caroline Lucas
Date: 15th Oct 2015

These are extremely difficult times for people across the UK. Austerity is biting – and set to get worse after this year’s Autumn Statement from the Chancellor.


Church Going
Phillip Larkin
Date: 15th Oct 2015
Once i am sure there's nothing going on, I step inside letting the door thud shut.

Interview: Caroline Lucas MP: the honourable outsider
The Herald Scotland, by Barry Didcock
Date: 14th Oct 2015

This time five years ago, few people had heard of Caroline Lucas. 


101 ways to change Scotland
Herald Scotland
Date: 14th Oct 2015


In an era of increasing austerity, humanitarian crisis and environmental degradation, the scale of change needed to deliver a better, fairer society may seem huge. And it is.


If all your money comes from government, should you be called a charity?
Civil Society Finance, by David Ainsworth
Date: 14th Oct 2015

Delegates at the Conservative Party conference heard that organisations funded by government should not be called charities. David Ainsworth examines the arguments. 


Social Finance, Social Investment, Social Banking
The Scottish Community ReInvestment Trust
Date: 7th Oct 2015

SCRT's Social Finance conference is an exciting end to our first year of operation.


The Growth Fund - Eligibility criteria
Date: 1st Oct 2015
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