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Social enterprise: next step forward
Lisa Sanfilippo
Date: 30th Sep 2004
When the buzz wears off, social enterprise needs to prove its mettle, says Lisa Sanfilippo....more

New legal structure that could change the world
Antonia Swinson
Date: 30th Sep 2004
Almost by accident, the government has created a legal structure that could curb the power of both banks and shareholders, but also put monetary justice right at the heart of business. Antonia Swinson reports....more

Draft charities bill report: main points
Tash Shifrin
Date: 30th Sep 2004
Tash Shifrin rounds up the main conclusions of the parliamentary joint committee's report on the draft charities bill published today ...more

Volunteering linked to fall in depression
Press Association
Date: 28th Sep 2004
Doing voluntary work could help the 12 million people in the UK who suffer from mental health problems combat stress and depression, campaigners said today. ...more

Co-ops and mutuals first in new parliament
New Sector
Date: 27th Sep 2004
Co-operation & Mutuality Scotland (CMS) and Co-operatives UK brought together representatives of all parts of the co-operative sector in Scotland to mark and celebrate the contribution of co-operatives in all their forms to the Scottish economy this month....more

Co-op engages its customers as ethical policy pays dividend
Teresa Hunter
Date: 26th Sep 2004
The development of ethical codes covering investments is becoming a marketing boon, finds Teresa Hunter (Sunday Herald)...more

Disputes dogging regeneration schemes, MPs say
Press Association
Date: 25th Sep 2004
Mistrust and community infighting are hampering the government's flagship Ł2bn regeneration programme, warns Commons committee. ...more

Ciabatta cities
Jonathan Glancey
Date: 24th Sep 2004
In our town centres, local degeneration marches hand-in-chain-store-glove with urban regeneration ...more

Martin Jacques
The death of intimacy
Date: 22nd Sep 2004
"It has become almost an article of faith in our society that change is synonymous with progress. The present government has preached this message more than most, while it is a philosophy that most people seem to live by. It is nonsense, of course. Change has never always been good." Martin Jacques argues that a selfish, market-driven society is eroding our very humanity...more

‘America is going backwards’
Rachel Cooke
Date: 22nd Sep 2004
"We're fighting to vote again. We fighting to protest. This is a major crisis" When Toni Morrison talks, America listens. And now that the Nobel prize-winner and friend of Oprah sees racism on the rise again, she's certainly not going to keep quiet ...more

Consuming Passion
Bob Allan
Date: 16th Sep 2004
Social enterprise should follow the lead of the fair-trade and organic sectors by establishing a brand identity consumers can recognise and trust, says Bob Allan ...more

E. F. Schumacher - Biography
Satish Kumar
Date: 15th Sep 2004
E. F. Schumacher was writing and working at a time when the dominant ideology was 'the bigger the better'. Large institutions, multinational corporations, industrial mergers, unlimited economic growth and ever-increasing consumption were considered symbols of progress. Schumacher said, "We suffer from an almost universal idolatry of giantism."...more

Head to head on the regeneration gamble
Date: 15th Sep 2004

As gambling reform legislation heads for the statute books, Steven Bate and Peter Byrne lock horns over the statement:"Gambling liberalisation will help to boost the overall regeneration of Britain's deprived areas". For regeneration, do regional casinos represent a dead cert or a lost shirt? (Regeneration magazine)


William Roe
Inverenss Courier
Date: 9th Sep 2004
William Roe may be unknown to those in the business community but he becomes chairman of HIE on Wednesday. ...more

Rock bands inspire Bell epoque for Glasgow scene
The Guardian
Date: 9th Sep 2004

In its long and often bleak history, Glasgow has earned distinction for many things: second city of the empire; hard men, hard drinking, hard drugs; architects neglected and feted; a painting movement, even. Now, though, it is the sound of guitars that is forging a new reputation.


Funding the Fourth Sector
Regeneration and Renewal
Date: 9th Sep 2004
Some social enterprises are frowned upon for needing grant aid to survive. But why should they be weaned off this support?...more

Strategic Review of the Local Development Companies
Rocket Science
Date: 8th Sep 2004
Strategic review of the local development companies - Executive Summary....more

Building a wave
Laurence Demarco
Date: 2nd Sep 2004
Development Trusts Association Scotland's challenge is to help dispersed activity across the country converge, rather than let 'top-down' approaches keep squeezing people out, argues Laurence Demarco  ...more

Actors rehearse backstage in run up to Bill’s finale
Third Sector
Date: 2nd Sep 2004
"The draft Charities Bill is a fringe production in the greater scheme of politics, but vital to the future of the voluntary and community sector" ...more
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