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This strangulation of dreams is creating a phantom party
Polly Toynbee
Date: 30th Sep 2005
Brighton has exposed Labour as a shell, deserted by members. It needs big ideas, not clever strategems. Polly Toynbee talks today in the Guardian about the strangulation of dreams. ...more

Bridging the Gap
Social Firms Scotland
Date: 29th Sep 2005
Social Firms Scotland launch Bridging the Gap Ė A discussion paper for reforming welfare to work in the UK ...more

How does it feel to leave the sunshine of Australia to solve the problem of Scotlandís worst slums?
Jean Rafferty
Date: 29th Sep 2005
Only 6% of GHA tenants are in full time employment ...more

Seedcorn Fund
Futurebuilders Scotland
Date: 29th Sep 2005
Aimed at small social economy organisations this fund will help organisationís to realise their potential to become less dependent on grants and to earn income from the services they deliver. ...more

Homes transfer hits council resistance
Laurence Demarco
Date: 29th Sep 2005
In March 2003, Glasgow council transferred its 80,000 houses to the Glasgow Housing Association. But so far all we've seen is the rebranding of a centralist monolith: the largest social housing agency in Western Europe...more

British electoral system is 'unjust'
Edward Davie
Date: 26th Sep 2005
Less than three per cent of British voters have a fair share of power in elections, according to new research....more

The Case for a Social Enterprise Office
Date: 23rd Sep 2005
During the Senscot Member Survey, social enterprises stressed LEC and Gateway lack of credibility and understanding. The Senscot Report recommends a Social Enterprise Office similar to the Cultural Enterprise Office. ...more

Arts script ripped up as eloquence is left to languish
Magnus Linklater
Date: 23rd Sep 2005
The Minister for the Arts yesterday killed off the main recommendations of her own Cultural Commission ...more

Katrina reveals the US's fractured state
Laurence Demarco
Date: 23rd Sep 2005
The dazed and demented landscape reminded me of Apocalypse Now. When the balance of our planet is terminally damaged, this is how I sense it will be. ...more

Cluture Club Notes
Joyce McMillan
Date: 22nd Sep 2005
Note on views expressed at the artists' conference on the culture commission report, held at the Scottish parliament



Hydrogen Bomb
Safik Meghji
Date: 16th Sep 2005
Unst, one of the most remote places in the UK, has been rocked by the clouser of its biggest employer, RAF Saxa Vord. Safik Meghji finds out how islanders plan to cope....more

Doing the Business
New Start
Date: 16th Sep 2005
Challenges in meeting the demand for business support from black minority communities and businesses are being met by tailored service provision in the north of England. ...more

False Hope
Adam J Taylor
Date: 16th Sep 2005
Social capital is a seed that promises to grow into a beautiful, not to mention tasty and nutritious, specimen of flora, but this is a plant that cannot grow in barren soil. Is Britian's political climate too harsh to encourage the growth of social capital?...more

Gap between rich and poor is a killer
Laurence Demarco
Date: 16th Sep 2005
Those who covet personal wealth should not be surprised when, as inequality grows, our country becomes less healthy, happy and respectful....more

Scottish Enterprise Services to Promote and Support Social Enterprise
Leslie Huckfield Research, Senscot
Date: 15th Sep 2005

Senscot's Initial Report on Scottish Enterprise services for social enterprises has now been completed. This piece of work looks specifically at Scottish Enterprise areas and not Highlands and Islands. Our main recommendation is the creation of a social enterprise office along similar lines to the existing cultural enterprise office.


I think, therefore I am an entrepreneur
The Telegraph
Date: 15th Sep 2005

Philosophy becoming more relevant to the business world - German business community


Confidence on second housing transfer - letters
Date: 9th Sep 2005
Malcolm Chisholm, Angelina Foster's response to Herald article on GHA stock transfer and reader's response.  ...more

Making Chips off the Old Block
Richard Mehmed
Date: 9th Sep 2005
Reflections on the longer term benefits of winning a nation social enterprise award. ...more

Business Assistance for Social Enterprise
Date: 9th Sep 2005
Information on Business Assistance for Social Enterprises in Dumfries & Galloway. The spokes service  developed by Scottish Enterprise and the local council. ...more

Making the most of our one-man bands
Laurence Demarco
Date: 9th Sep 2005
Some believe that economic development has more to do with local people than top-down physical fixes. One of these is social enterprise pioneer Ernesto Sirolli. ...more

Violent subculture is norm for many
Laurence Demarco
Date: 7th Sep 2005
Wherever Scotland's violent subculture dominates, it is always accompanied by a concentration of social problems which can simply be summed up as poverty....more

Investment Capital for Social Ventures
Social Investment Scotland
Date: 2nd Sep 2005
Social Investment Scotland (SIS) recently kicked off a project to investigate the prospects for the creation of a sustainable social venture fund in Scotland. ...more

Getting to know our difficult neighbours
Laurence Demarco
Date: 2nd Sep 2005
All of us will probably be living closer to a family with problems. Poverty will have faces and names....more
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