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Review: The Spirit Level : Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better
Lynsey Hanley, The Guardian
Date: 17th Sep 2009
A hard-hitting study of the social effects of inequality has profound implications, says Lynsey Hanley...more

The G20 has saved us, but it's failing to rein in those who caused the crisis
Will Hutton, The Observer
Date: 10th Sep 2009
It must rank as one of the least fair deals in economic history. Over the last 12 months, western governments have taken unprecedented and extraordinary action to avoid what undoubtedly would have been a global slump. ...more

The should and the how
Michael Stephenson , The Guardian
Date: 10th Sep 2009
No one can say Labour has it easy. Not for more than a century has any government, with the exception of the Conservatives of 1979-1997, had a fourth consecutive election victory. But if the party is to win, at the heart of its appeal must be its ideas for the future....more

A Life in books...interview with William Trevor
Lisa Allardice, The Guardian
Date: 10th Sep 2009
'I would use anything in order to tell a story, anything at all to make the story work'...more

Book Review: No More Throw-away People by Edgar Cahn
David Bollier
Date: 3rd Sep 2009
It takes a brave iconoclast to defy the priesthood of mainstream economics and declare that valuable work can actually occur outside of the marketplace...more

Nicholas Wroe, The Guardian
Francis Wheen: A life in writing
Date: 3rd Sep 2009
A life in writing: 'It seems that whatever subject I pick, no matter how obscure, by time of publication it is absolutely of the moment'
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