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UK government warned: donít weaken human rights
Third Force News, by Robert Armour
Date: 26th Apr 2017

Society’s most marginalised will pay the price if human rights protections are weakened through Brexit and repealing the Human Rights Act, the UK’s three human rights institutions have warned.


Scottish Land Commission launches monthly community events
Scottish Land Commission Press Release
Date: 19th Apr 2017

The newly formed Scottish Land Commission has announced a series of community ‘Meet and Greet’ events taking place across Scotland.


United Airlines Doctor Dragged off Flight 3411 speaks out after the incident
The Independent, by Niamh McIntyre
Date: 12th Apr 2017

The passenger who was violently dragged off his seat on a United Airlines plane, sparking widespread outrage on social media, has spoken out about the incident for the first time.


Face Palm Sunday
Bella Caledonia, by Mike Small
Date: 12th Apr 2017

With the sociopath and his mannequin daughter dictating Tomahawk diplomacy by whim, and the denials by Putin and his psycho-proxy being cheered-on by some confused souls, it’s difficult to get too excited about the imminent arrival of the Easter Bunny...


Rumi Days
Daily readings of the 13th Century Persian poet as translated by Coleman Barks
Date: 11th Apr 2017

Evolutionary Intelligence


Theresa May is dragging the UK under. This time Scotland must cut the rope
The Guardian, by George Monbiot
Date: 5th Apr 2017

Here is the question the people of Scotland will face in the next independence referendum: when England falls out of the boat like a block of concrete, do you want your foot tied to it?


Former health secretary puts forward separate 'health tax' proposal
The Herald Scotland
Date: 5th Apr 2017

A separate "health tax" should be introduced to help the NHS catch up with other "more advanced" European countries, former health secretary Alex Neil has said.


Scoring system devised to 'ration' health services developed by economists
The Herald Scotland, by Jody Harrison
Date: 5th Apr 2017

A Scoring system to help health bosses prioritize spending in hospitals and social care is being developed by economists.


Charlotte Street Partners lobbying for Rupert Murdoch papers
The Ferret, by Peter Geoghegan
Date: 5th Apr 2017

Influential PR firm Charlotte Street Partners is lobbying on behalf of Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper titles in Scotland, The Ferret has learned


Charities fear job schemes will fail to find work for many
The Herald Scotland, by Stephen Naysmith
Date: 5th Apr 2017


New schemes designed to get jobless Scots into work will fail to reach those who need most help, according to charities.
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