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Dormant Bank Accounts
Scottish Government
Date: 28th Aug 2009
The Dormant Bank and Building Society Accounts Bill was enacted on 26 November 2008 and commenced in March 2009...more

Plans for new eco-town to be powered by community spirit
Helen McArdle, The Herald
Date: 27th Aug 2009
Plans for a groundbreaking eco-town powered entirely by renewable energy and managed by residents have been unveiled in South Lanarkshire - with the ambitious project hailed by its backers as an opportunity to "revolutionise" housing developments in Scotland....more

A chance to make a real difference - but only if we act now!
Toby Blume, Urban Forum
Date: 27th Aug 2009
The government has so far spent over £140bn of public money bailing out the banking system which, means there will be less funding for essential public services like health and education for years to come....more

Community Development Jargon
Date: 27th Aug 2009
The community development profession has been hijacked by academia and converses in a language which is unintelligible to ordinary people; the example given of this obscure jargon is from the blurb of an MSc course offered by the University of Glasgow....more

Children’s rights
The Herald
Date: 20th Aug 2009
The children's hearings system was a revolutionary step which put Scotland in the vanguard of social welfare 40 years ago. ...more

Six years on, crisis-hit GHA has failed to achieve targets
Chris Cunningham, The Herald
Date: 20th Aug 2009
There is little doubt that Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) is in crisis. The loss of the chief executive, two senior directors and the vice-chairman, after receipt of a highly critical inspection report from the Scottish Housing Regulator, surely meets anyone's definition of a crisis...more

Big health flexes its lobbying muscle. Democracy quivers
Peter Wilby, The Guardian
Date: 19th Aug 2009
In finance as in health, public interest is tamed by unaccountable corporate interest. It was meant to be the other way round...more

Social Enterprise Mark Awards Ceremony
Date: 19th Aug 2009

Senscot hosted Scotland’s first Awards ceremony for Social Enterprise Mark (SEM) Champions at the Engine Shed in Edinburgh


We need the GHA to succeed to aid tenant participation
Lyn Ewig, Letter to TfN
Date: 18th Aug 2009
Lyn Ewig, Letter to TfN
Glasgow and West of Scotland Forum of Housing Associations

Our land wont be reformed until we iorn out the issues
Stephen Maxwell, TfN
Date: 18th Aug 2009
THE LAND Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 has been a favourite exhibit of champions of the devolved Scottish Parliament. The plaudits heaped on its consolidation of the public's right of access to the Scottish countryside are undoubtedly deserved. But is the praise given to Part 2 of the Act providing for a community right to buy land in rural Scotland equally deserved? ...more

Scottish Investment Fund
Social Investment Scotland
Date: 13th Aug 2009
The Scottish Investment Fund is expected to have £9m in approved investments across 15 enterprises by the end of August with a further £18m at various stages of work in progress...more

This TV show takes the scandal of UK poverty into the mainstream
Colette Marshall
Date: 13th Aug 2009
Belinda Webb's take on Channel 4's How the Other Half Live was "Hopelessness as soap opera. Poverty as entertainment" (The reality trend makes poverty voyeurs of us all, 30 July). According to Webb the reality television format is used to "to exploit the poor for the purpose of cheap entertainment – and vast profits". Nothing could be further from the truth. Save the Children ...more

Umbrella support for the third sector – an SCVO perspective
Date: 13th Aug 2009
In October 2009, two Think Tanks, operating as part of the Supporting Voluntary Action (SVA) programme, will publish a report on their work to develop a shared vision, purpose and direction for umbrella support for the third sector in Scotland. ...more

Purdy case highlights assisted suicide debate in Scotland
Margo MacDonald MSP, TfN
Date: 13th Aug 2009
Margo MacDonald MSP will introduce the End of Life Choices Bill in the Scottish Parliment this autumn, here she explains its significance...more

Third Sector Enterprise & Credit Union Funds
The Scottish Government
Date: 12th Aug 2009
Summary of Proposals Approved July 2009 ...more

Case Studies
Scottish Investment Fund
Date: 12th Aug 2009
Case studies from SVS...more

Firstport Recrutiment and Consultancy Events
Date: 7th Aug 2009
 Scotland UnLtd are recruiting a new administrator and Free business consultancy...more

Letter to The Herald: 'Tough task' of improving Glasgow housing remains only half done
Wendy Alexander, Labour MSP
Date: 5th Aug 2009
Gerry Braiden's analysis of Glasgow Housing Association rightly points to the complexities involved in assessing its performance (" GHA has taken on a life of its own ... it must return to the original vision' ", The Herald, August 4). Rising tenant satisfaction on the one hand, but slow progress in delivering local community ownership on the other....more

Over 1000 new jobs for voluntary sector
Date: 5th Aug 2009
Scottish voluntary organisations are to provide more than one thousand jobs to help combat youth unemployment over the next six months, after winning a massive government employment contract worth at least £6.5m....more

Surfing a Wave of Change? A National Story Exercise
Gerry Hassan, People Making Waves
Date: 5th Aug 2009
A Scottish Wave of Change is about change, Scotland and international connections, exploring the potential of our people, our country and the Olympic and Paralympic values and vision....more

Social Enterprise Awards
Social Enterprise Coalition
Date: 4th Aug 2009
The Social Enterprise Awards is a new competition that aims recognise and champion the vital work carried out by the most successful social enterprises in the UK. ...more
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