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The Poverty Alliance’s annual seminar series
Poverty Alliance
Date: 17th Dec 2009
2010 will be a significant year in the fight against poverty. The UK General Election and the European Year for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion will provide a real opportunity to debate about how best to tackle poverty. ...more

The Equality Trust

Date: 17th Dec 2009
The Equality Trust was founded in 2009 by Bill Kerry, Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. ...more

Bid to boost bank service disclosure
Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 17th Dec 2009
Ministers are to "explore options" with banks on improving the information available on banking services available in disadvantaged areas, the chancellor announced. ...more

Carelessness or a major failure in regulatory duty?
Stephen Maxwell, TfN
Date: 17th Dec 2009
TWENTY months ago OSCR commissioned a report into ways of assessing the affordability of the charges imposed by many charities as a condition of public access to the charitable benefits they provided. ...more

Pilot bonds to fund social projects
Sarah Townsend, Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 17th Dec 2009
The Government is to pilot a financing model that aims to raise investment from the private sector to fund projects to tackle social issues such as teenage pregnancy, youth offending and school exclusions, the Prime Minister has announced....more

2009: the year in social enterprise
Andy Ricketts and David Ainsworth, Third Sector
Date: 16th Dec 2009
In the first of a series of articles reviewing the past 12 months, we round up the year's key news stories for not-for-profit businesses...more

Q&A: Charity tax and VAT
Bill Lewis, The Guardian
Date: 16th Dec 2009
In the latest of a series giving legal advice to the charity and social enterprise sector, Bill Lewis, consultant at Bates Wells and Braithwaite, answers questions on charity tax and VAT...more

Friends of Scottish Review
Scottish Review
Date: 11th Dec 2009
Here is the complete list of Friends of the Scottish Review to date. ...more

The cover-up: The official response from the Scottish Government
Kenneth Roy, Scottish Review
Date: 10th Dec 2009
The Scottish Government has given the Scottish Review an official response to the abrupt withdrawal of thousands of facts about the remuneration of public officials in Scotland, leaving only postal, email and website addresses of the organisations which employ them, thus obliging members of the public to contact the bodies direct....more

Scottish Government on SROI
Third Sector Division
Date: 10th Dec 2009
The Scottish Government has long realised that many third sector organisations have a very powerful story to tell in terms of their social and environmental impact but have been frustrated in their ability to demonstrate the outcomes for key stakeholders ...more

Civil servant Anderson is handed job as new director general of OTS
John Plummer, Third Sector
Date: 8th Dec 2009

New chief at Office of the Third Sector was the only interviewee and is on loan for 12 months


Rebel Dailly fights unfair finance
Simon Bain, Herald Scotland
Date: 8th Dec 2009
Mike Dailly is not your typical successful lawyer....more

Why should bankers be well paid?
Diarmid Weir, The Guardian
Date: 8th Dec 2009
RBS's claim that we must pay up to get the best bankers is nonsense – their job is not hard and they add little to society...more

Scotland calls for improved UK government support for social enterprise
Gemma Hampson, Social Enterprise Mag
Date: 8th Dec 2009
The UK government should embed community benefit clauses into its programmes and re-examine the way it supports social enterprises, according to a Scottish support network....more

New third sector boss brings some vital statistics
Gemma Hampson, Social Enterprise Mag
Date: 8th Dec 2009
One of the government's chief number crunchers has been announced as the new supremo of the third sector....more

Measuring social return is a 'hot topic'
Chrisanthi Giotis, Social Enterprise Mag
Date: 8th Dec 2009
Investors across the world are helping drive interest in measuring social return on investment (SROI), say leading practitioners gathered in London for a two-day conference....more

Reflections on the First Decade of the 2000s
Anand Giridhardas, New York Times
Date: 8th Dec 2009
When calendrical milestones pass, however arbitrary they are, they induce reflection. We look back with a feeling of incredulity at all that happened in what feels like no time. We peer into the fearsome, onrushing future. We catalog and schematize and make lists....more

‘‘Three in One’’: Discussion Paper on Third Sector Infrastructure.
Date: 4th Dec 2009
The issue of representation is given immediacy by Scottish Govt's new requirement that the third sector at local authority level organises to speak with a single voice.  It is Senscot's position that any such 'single interface' would be meaningless unless it incorporates these three separate perspectives. ...more

Press Release: The 2009 Surf Awards: Celebrating Successful Regeneration In A Difficult Climate
Date: 4th Dec 2009
The best examples of community regeneration in Scotland are celebrated by the prestigious and independent annual SURF Awards....more

GCVS Consultation Meeting: Key Messages
Date: 4th Dec 2009
GCVS convened a meeting with its members and network representatives on the 25th of November 2009 to gauge reaction to and examine the likely impact of the Council Grants Integration Project (CGIP)...more

Feedback on application process
Big Lottery Fund Scotland
Date: 3rd Dec 2009
The Big Lottery Fund Scotland office  is currently working hard to develop a range of new funding opportunities, which we will launch next year. ...more

Recruitment of New Board Members
One World Shop
Date: 3rd Dec 2009
Recruit additional members to its Management Committee, with specific skills which will support the companyˇ¦s growth over the next 3 years.  ...more

Last-minute wobble for social enterprise shopping challenge
Chrisanthi Giotis, Social Enterprise Magazine
Date: 3rd Dec 2009
The man who swore to spend all of November purchasing only from social enterprises successfully completed his challenge yesterday - but not before suffering some difficult final moments....more

Images of north-east village go on show
Press and Journal
Date: 3rd Dec 2009
Images of a proposed new village in the heart of Deeside were unveiled at a public exhibition....more

How Glasgow's media quarter could win the city an international audience
Danny Meaney, NewStart Magazine
Date: 3rd Dec 2009
A coordinated and collaborative approach is needed to drive forward Glasgow's Digital Media Quarter, says Danny Meaney ...more

'Grameen Banking and its Replication in Scotland'
Glasgow Caldeonian University
Date: 3rd Dec 2009
A seminar and discussion with Professor Latifee, Managing Director, Grameen Trust Dhaka...more
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