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Scots look to become leader in renewables
Planning Resource
Date: 27th Feb 2006
Scottish ministers are to set ambitious targets for the use of heat from renewable sources. ...more

Education policy & systems may not improve society says new research
Date: 27th Feb 2006
Scottish study suggests government education reforms 'may be based on false premise'. ...more

£300 million post office support secured over next two years
Date: 27th Feb 2006
The Government's £300 million package of support for the rural post office network over the next two years has today been given state aid clearance by the European Commission....more

Brown backs votes at 16 in radical shakeup of politics
Patrick Wintour
Date: 27th Feb 2006
Chancellor argues for radical programme, including debate on electoral reform for the House of Commons, a proposal he has previously opposed....more

Social Economy Advisory Board

Date: 24th Feb 2006
Communities Scotland has announced the membership of the group which will offer advice about the needs of the sector to the Minister for Communities....more

Credit unions to offer insurance deals to members
Date: 24th Feb 2006
Members of Scotland's credit unions will soon be able to use them to buy household and life insurance as well as pay their bills directly, after the Scottish Executive announced a two-year £1m funding package for the organisation. ...more

Health study into city investment
BBC Scotland
Date: 24th Feb 2006
The GoWell project - the first of its kind in Europe - will study the impact of a planned £1bn investment in Glasgow's most deprived communities. ...more

£7.5 million 'windfall' for creative arts
Scottish Executive
Date: 24th Feb 2006
25% increase in Scottish Arts council budget intended to help implement the outcome of recent 'Cultural Review'....more

MPs back call to halt 'clone town britain'
Date: 22nd Feb 2006
The findings of the influential All Party Parliamentary Small Shops Group's report, 'High Street Britain 2015', have been released, backing calls to halt 'clone town Britain'....more

Businesses share £100k grant
Simon Bain
Date: 21st Feb 2006
Six Scotland UnLtd level 2 awardees are sharing £100,000 in grants for their social enterprise projects. ...more

Communities Scotland project funding update
Commmunities Scotland
Date: 16th Feb 2006
The Futurebuilders team at Communities Scotland has produced a comprehensive list of all the awards made, including Seedcorn grants. ...more

Volunteers stepping forward
Date: 14th Feb 2006
Interest in volunteering 'has more than doubled' since the launch of a marketing campaign by the Scottish Executive last month....more

Green grants to be scrapped for failing fuel poor
Scottish Housing News
Date: 14th Feb 2006
Deputy enterprise minister Allan Wilson has plans to scrap grants to householders wanting to harness wind or solar power, as they are 'failing to help the fuel poor'...more

Youths given chance to design affordable homes
Scottish Housing News
Date: 14th Feb 2006
Young architects could be given the chance to design affordable housing in Dundee under proposals for a new competition....more

£11m eleventh-hour rescue for CDFIs
Social Enterprise magazine
Date: 13th Feb 2006
Community development finance institutions (CDFIs) can breathe a sigh of relief after the Treasury confirmed £11m of ongoing support for the sector....more

Rural development consultation
Date: 13th Feb 2006
A consultation on rural development strategy over the next seven years has been launched by the Scottish Executive.  ...more

Futurebuilders Awards
Communities Scotland
Date: 10th Feb 2006
Decision next month on whether or not there will be a 3rd round of Futurebuilders. At present, only the Learning Fund remains open ...more

Survey reveals that planners favour growth
Planning magazine
Date: 10th Feb 2006
Planners are neglecting regeneration objectives in favour of housing growth, according to the Audit Commission. ...more

Uneven distribution of wealth in Scots sector
Mathew Little
Date: 8th Feb 2006
Five per cent of charities in Scotland bring in 91 per cent of the sector's income, according to new figures from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator....more

Cabinet to discuss sector's role in service delivery
Stephen Cook
Date: 8th Feb 2006
measures to make it easier for the voluntary sector to deliver more public services to be debated following meeting between Prime Minister and Acevo delegation....more

Major social work modernisation programme
Scottish Executive
Date: 8th Feb 2006
The biggest overhaul of social work for 40 years was unveiled today, promising to deliver 'better care and a more motivated, focused profession'...more

Glasgow transport link for regeneration scheme
Planning Resource
Date: 7th Feb 2006
Glasgow city council has submitted proposals for a £30m transport system for the newly regenerated Clyde Corridor. ...more

Scotland recycles more waste
Scottish Executive
Date: 6th Feb 2006
Scotland recycled 25.1 per cent of waste in the second quarter of 2005-06 according to new statistics published today. ...more

Highland strategy aims to fill green policy gap
Planning Resource
Date: 6th Feb 2006
The first renewable energy strategy by a Scottish local authority has attracted a mixed reaction from conservationists and wind farm developers. ...more

Search is on to find Scotlandís most enterprising area
Scottish Enterprise
Date: 5th Feb 2006
A competition has been launched to find the most enterprising area in Scotland. ...more

Commission to help experience sharing on public service delivery by charities
Date: 1st Feb 2006
The Charity Commission has announced it will hold a one-day conference on 21 March for charities to explore the particular needs of charities delivering public services....more

Think-tank calls for council tax replacement
Planning Resource
Date: 1st Feb 2006
Council tax should be abolished in favour of a property levy to reduce the tax burden on the poor, an economic think-tank says. ...more

Cycling lessons to get adults back in the saddle
Edinburgh Evening News
Date: 1st Feb 2006
New scheme encouraging people out of cars and on to two wheels. ...more
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