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Banks must be forced to serve poorer communities
Faisel Rahman, The Guardian
Date: 25th Feb 2010
Residents of the vast plains of Britain that are without a single bank branch can see the loan sharks circling and hear the cries of the high cost lenders...more

Budget Disappointing for Housing - SFHA
Date: 25th Feb 2010
The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) has expressed deep disappointment that MSPs have not invested any extra funds in affordable housing in 2010-11....more

Citizen Ethics
The Guardian
Date: 25th Feb 2010
Citizen ethics in a time of crisis is a project by the Guardian, in association with the Citizen Ethics Network, designed to instigate debate about who deserves what, how politics can help humanity flourish and what we mean by a good life. ...more

Community Economic Development Conference, New Zealand

Date: 25th Feb 2010
The first New Zealand Community Economic Development Conference...more

Scots network refuses to back Social Enterprise Mark
Gemma Hampson, Social Enterprise Magazine
Date: 25th Feb 2010
Senscot has announced it will not be the Scottish partner of the Social Enterprise Mark because it fears the identifier is 'blurring the boundary' of the movement....more

Localism is all the rage – and it might just work
Jonathan Kestenbaum
Date: 23rd Feb 2010
The news that Labour is to champion Lambeth as its new vision of how local government can work, as an alternative to the Conservatives' "easyCouncil", illustrates the increasing national interest in localism....more

Only fools and horses..
The Guardian
Date: 17th Feb 2010
For many, the latest offering from the New Economics Foundation (Nef) thinktank, will provoke sighs and wistful looks. "If I only I could afford to," is likely to be a common response....more

Summary of Third Sector Resilience Fund Awards
The Scottish Government
Date: 17th Feb 2010
Summary of Approvals – February 2010...more

New Tory campaign backs co-operatives in bid to woo voters
Allegra Stratton, The Guardian
Date: 17th Feb 2010
David Cameron unveils plan to allow workers to run their public services...more

Are we best suited to live in ‘wee burghs’?
Kenneth Roy, Scottish Review
Date: 17th Feb 2010
Cities had been the economic powerhouses of Scotland long before the vibrancy of small town life began to falter. An article suggests that the root of the problem can be traced back to when these small towns were stripped of all responsibility for their own affairs...more

The public untruths about private schools
Kevin McKenna, The Observer
Date: 11th Feb 2010
The Tories happily promote an insidious lie – that comprehensive schools don't work ...more

From drug addict to up and coming filmmaker
Jennifer Trueland, Caledonian Mercury
Date: 11th Feb 2010
Just seven short years ago, Garry Fraser was a mess. Addicted to heroin and crack cocaine, he had watched many of his friends die and had himself served a jail sentence for drug dealing....more

Social Enterprise Mark garners support and criticism
Vibeka Mair, Civil Society
Date: 11th Feb 2010
The new national Social Enterprise Mark has had a mixed start, with strong support from one of the first social enterprises in the UK, The Big Issue, but criticism and rejection by the Scottish network of social entrepreneurs, Senscot....more

Who CARES? Over 600 communities and counting
Date: 11th Feb 2010
Hundreds of communities taking power into their own hands ...more

How credit unions can succeed where banks fail
Dorienne Robinson, The Ecologist
Date: 4th Feb 2010
If you're looking for small, short-term loans for a green project, it's worth borrowing from a credit union instead of a bank ...more

Social enterprises offering postal services
Social Enterprise Coalition
Date: 3rd Feb 2010
Consumer Focus has recently commissioned us to construct a national inventory of social enterprises that offer some or all postal services and we would like to ask for your assistance in gathering data from your networks for this purpos ...more

Scottish Entrepreneurs Celebrate Increased Start Up Financing As Levels Approach £500k
Date: 3rd Feb 2010
Today in Edinburgh social entrepreneurs from across Scotland will come together to celebrate the massive cash injection in social enterprises almost one year on from the launch of the Social Entrepreneurs Fund. ...more

Pupils turned off school find a new route to success
Kirsty Scott, The Guardian
Date: 3rd Feb 2010
A new work-based mentoring programme akin to an apprenticeship is having great success with young people who don't get on with school ...more

Muffins going to stop us in bakery bid
East Lothian Courier
Date: 3rd Feb 2010
DUNBAR Community Bakery (DCB) members will have to rise to the challenge of finding an alternative venue for their vision - after talks with former High Street bread shop stalwarts Smiths crumbled. ...more

The Spirit Level : Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better by Richard Wilkinson and Kate
by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Picket
Date: 2nd Feb 2010
We are rich enough. Economic growth has done as much as it can to improve material conditions in the developed countries, and in some cases appears to be damaging health.  ...more

Another milestone in GHA's community-ownership programme
Scottish Housing News
Date: 2nd Feb 2010
A major milestone has been reached in Glasgow Housing Association's plans to give thousands of tenants the right to vote for community ownership of their homes ...more
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