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Derelict and Vacant Land information published
Scottish Executive
Date: 31st Jan 2006
Statistical bulletin includes location of land, previous uses, intended and new uses, contamination status, and the length of time it has lain vacant or derelict....more

Banks failing on promise of basic bank accounts
Date: 29th Jan 2006
Three million people in UK estimated not to have any form of current account, according to Citizens Advice....more

Need for building workers in the Highlands & Islands
Regeneration and Renewal
Date: 29th Jan 2006
Women and migrant workers are needed to solve the skills shortages faced by the booming construction industry in the Highlands and Islands, say findings. ...more

Scotland UnLtd announce competition winners
Scotland UnLtd
Date: 27th Jan 2006
This week Scotland unLTD made their 3rd annual Level 2 investment awards. Six individuals shared a total of £101,000 to develop their social enterprises....more

Blair reaffirms commitment to social enterprise
Date: 27th Jan 2006
The prime minister has announced his support and encouragement for social enterprise at the 'Voice06' conference in London. ...more

Landmark health and care White Paper due next week
Date: 25th Jan 2006
Social enterprise 'will be encouraged, along with voluntary sector provision'. ...more

Jobs ‘fail to lift poor out of low income and social exclusion’
Chloe Stothart
Date: 25th Jan 2006
government’s drive to increase the number of people in work will not tackle poverty and could increase social exclusion, warns new publication....more

Brown proposes social enterprise start-up fund
Third Sector Magazine
Date: 25th Jan 2006
Chancellor Gordon Brown has mooted a new government fund to help new charities and social enterprises get started. ...more

More Scottish women at the forefront of enterprise in Scotland
Kritsy Dorsey
Date: 24th Jan 2006
The number of Scottish women setting up on their own in business continued to rise last year, according to research from Scottish Enterprise....more

Global pro bono report to be presented at World Economic Forum 2006, in Davos
Date: 24th Jan 2006
Report identifies the legal, regulatory and taxation obstacles currently hindering social entrepreneurship in six selected countries, including UK  ...more

New Scottish Co-operative Development Agency appoints CEO
Scottish Enterprise
Date: 23rd Jan 2006
Ian Hughes to head agency established to act as a one stop shop for advice and information for new and growing co-op businesses....more

LSPs are missing mainstream goal
Ben Walker
Date: 23rd Jan 2006
Local strategic partnerships 'failing to help tap mainstream funding, and wrongly claiming local success'. ...more

Tories target social justice
Date: 18th Jan 2006
Tory leader to 'point the finger' at chancellor Gordon Brown for not doing enough to promote the role of charities and voluntary organisations. ...more

Arts to impact on Glasgow’s poorest
New Start
Date: 17th Jan 2006
A new arts project has been launched offering traineeships to young adults in deprived parts of Glasgow....more

Report questions value of city centre renewal
Date: 16th Jan 2006
The benefits of city-centre regeneration to deprived inner-city neighbourhoods are overestimated, says a new piece of research....more

Group’s invention may save developers millions
Herpreet Kaur Grewal
Date: 16th Jan 2006
A Lancashire-based community organisation claims to have invented a new system for removing a rampant form of costly weed from brownfield land....more

Homelessness 'is key to reoffending'
Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 16th Jan 2006
Young former prisoners are more likely to reoffend if their housing needs are not met, warns a report published by a campaign group....more

Scotland ‘shouId take the lead in setting cap on interest rates'
New start
Date: 16th Jan 2006
SNP spokesman says Scots are the most indebted people in the UK, with average debts almost one third higher than the UK average....more

Trusts get bigger investing powers
Third Sector magazine
Date: 13th Jan 2006
Charitable trusts in Scotland will now be able to put money into a wider range of investments, including land and building....more

Top level purchasing bias against employee owned businesses
Date: 10th Jan 2006
public service procurement system is flawed because of unequal opportunities and prohibitively high tendering costs, says report. ...more

Social Firms UK Research
Date: 10th Jan 2006
New research of the social firms sector includes analysis of business sectors, employee information, legal structures and regions. ...more

Opposition wary of yob action plan
Date: 10th Jan 2006
Letwin urges involvement of voluntary sector and social enterprise in government's 'respect' agenda....more

Nolly Barge closure follows funding crisis
Date: 9th Jan 2006
After 14 years providingholidays and training and for underprivileged young people, future of the Glasgow social enterprise is uncertain....more

Development tax gets green light
Joey Gardiner
Date: 9th Jan 2006
A plan to generate £300 million in cash from private developers in Milton Keynes to pay for public infrastructure is to go ahead after the Treasury finally approved the idea....more

Scottish system reform sets sustainability duty
David Dewar
Date: 9th Jan 2006
New bill promises "the most fundamental and comprehensive reform of the planning system" since it was created in 1948....more

Social Enterprise Unit reveals two-year action plan
Tim West
Date: 8th Jan 2006
Opening up markets and encouraging new players into the marketplace are set to be priorities in a fresh, two-year action plan for social enterprise to be published in the spring of 2006....more

Gerry Higgins joins CEiS as new Chief Executive
BIG Partnership
Date: 6th Jan 2006
Social Firms UK chief lands highest profile community and social enterprise job in Scotland....more

The Future of Social Enterprise
John Pearce
Date: 6th Jan 2006
"It's the difference of the social economy from the other sectors that matters," argues John Pearce. ...more

NHS needs ‘vitality and innovation of social enterprise’ - Cameron
Date: 5th Jan 2006
The conservative leader David Cameron yesterday emphasised the role social enterprise could play in improving Britain’s health service....more

Plea over council homes investment
Press Association
Date: 4th Jan 2006
Unions have urged Jack McConnell to ensure council tenants in the Scottish capital are not penalised for rejecting plans to sell off their homes to a housing association....more

Community Halls for Rural People
Date: 4th Jan 2006
New information hub designed to help rural communities to benefit from
the variety of funding opportunities available.  


Eco homes to solve rural housing crisis
Date: 4th Jan 2006
A top architect and an Aberdeenshire timber company are developing an affordable eco-home that they hope will solve Scotland's rural housing crisis....more
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