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Longer Contracts in the Pipeline
Matthew Little
Date: 29th Jul 2004
Central government departments are to be instructed to give longer contracts to service-delivery charities as part of efforts to improve public-sector efficiency....more

Scottish disability charities up in arms over Newsnight report
John Plummer
Date: 29th Jul 2004

Disability charities have branded a BBC Newsnight report that accused them of failing disabled workers as mischievous and over-simplistic.


Mactaggart: I'll resolve the disagreement
Joe Gill
Date: 29th Jul 2004

The future of the draft Charities Bill was hanging in the balance as the scrutiny committee hearings drew to a close last week.


Broadcasting the Community Call
Mark Lupton
Date: 29th Jul 2004
"In a few years every town, and most villages, will have one or two community radio stations," says Phil Korbel, head of Radio Regen. ...more

Government failing to support social enterprise, says leading Social Bank
Date: 21st Jul 2004
The Government's technical business support for the UK's social economy lacks focus, is too basic and fails to understand the needs of the sector it's supposed to help, according to a report released today by the UK's leading social bank. ...more

Scotland’s more- than-profit sector generates over £2 billion
Date: 20th Jul 2004
Scotland’s booming more-than-profit sector pulls in a massive £2 billion a year and supports 100,000 jobs, according to pioneering research by development organisation Community Enterprise in Strathclyde (CEiS)....more

Scots ‘Landbanks’ to reserve affordable housing space
Date: 20th Jul 2004
Scottish ministers have announced funding for landbanks to ensure people on low incomes are not priced out of housing hotspots....more

Scotland’s ‘Barker Review’ outlines social housing shortfall
Date: 19th Jul 2004
Up to 7,000 affordabIe homes are needed in Scotland each year for the next ten years, according to a new report. Billed as the Scottish Barker Review, the Scottish Executive's interim review outlines problems in Scotland's housing market and initial suggested solutions. ...more

Scottish Renewal fund aims for participation
Date: 16th Jul 2004
A new £104 million Community Regeneration Fund, intended to incorporate more community involvement than its predecessors, has been established to replace Scotland's flagship area-based regeneration initiative. ...more

Don’t rebuild ghettoes, planners warned
Date: 15th Jul 2004
'Every effort should be made to avoid the large-scale development of new social housing that concentrates and isolates poor families. The pressure to build new housing, particularly in the south east, cannot become an excuse to replicate the mistakes of the past,' warns former senior US housing official...more

Two cheers for spending review
Date: 14th Jul 2004
The Government's pledge in this week's spending review to pursue strong and lasting partnerships with the voluntary and community sectors has been broadly welcomed....more

Feathers fly in Peacock grilling
Date: 14th Jul 2004
Geraldine Peacock, incoming chair of the Charity Commission, has faced a withering onslaught from the joint parliamentary committee on the draft charities bill over the issue of 'public benefit'. ...more

New £104 million anti-poverty Fund
Scottish Executive
Date: 13th Jul 2004
A new £104 million Community Regeneration Fund has been established to bring improvements to Scotland's most deprived areas and help individuals and families escape poverty. ...more

Curran backs tough love to beat the yobs
Stephen Naysmith
Date: 13th Jul 2004
Margaret Curran concedes that by focusing on issues such as antisocial behaviour, ministers may have given the impression that social inclusion had slipped down the agenda in favour of more punitive responses to the problems in many communities...more

New Spending Plans for Scotland
Date: 12th Jul 2004
New spending plans, announced today, will provide for spending in Scotland to grow by an average annual rate of 3.5% in real terms over the next three years. In 2007-08, spending will be £4.2 billion higher than in 2004-05....more

Cruach Mhor windfarm opened
Date: 9th Jul 2004
The 30MW Cruach Mhor windfarm near Glen Darvel in Cowal was officially opened this week. It was hailed by Enterprise Minister Lewis Macdonald as helping to bring ‘green jobs’ into the wider community....more

£800m on offer for Edinburgh housing renewal
Date: 9th Jul 2004
Renewal in the Scottish capital could be aided by a ten-year funding package of £600 million if Edinburgh council tenants vote for housing stock transfer,...more

Charities Bill News: Public benefit goes to public consultation
Third Sector
Date: 8th Jul 2004

The Charity Commission is to launch a public consultation on the public-benefit test in the draft Charities Bill. Rosie Chapman, director of policy and strategy, said there would be a "full consultation with the public as well as with representatives of the interests concerned, before the commission's regulatory reports on public benefit are finalised".


Wallace backs Perry on Scottish Enterprise’s social targets
Douglas Fraser
Date: 6th Jul 2004
 Scottish Enterprise is set to be stripped of some of its social justice targets in reforms that will allow it to focus on training for those closest to the job market. Ministers are understood to back the line taken by Jack Perry, new CEO of the economic development agency....more

Farming Turns to Wildlife
Date: 6th Jul 2004
Deputy minister for the environment and rural development Allan Wilson said today funds worth more than £38m to encourage the management of farmland habitats, and over £3m of grants for organic farming, will be paid out from the Rural Stewardship Scheme and the Organic Aid Scheme....more
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