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East Anglia gardening enterprise high achiever in growth and impact measurement for leisure, sports,
Date: 30th Jun 2009
With organisations from the north dominating the table for the past couple of markets, Mow and Grow have shaken things up a bit with a massive 275% growth and 5/5 for impact measurement....more

Community Energy Scotland wins major UK energy award
Community Energy Scotland
Date: 26th Jun 2009
A small Highland-based social enterprise has won a major UK renewable energy industry award for its support to communities developing green energy projects.  ...more

Further support for the Third Sector
The Scottish Government
Date: 25th Jun 2009
A recycling business, and support service for homeless young people are among the latest organisations to be supported by Scottish Government Third Sector funding, it was announced today. ...more

Ephen Scotland’s Global Crisis – towards a civil society response?
Stephen Maxwell, SCVO
Date: 25th Jun 2009
Civil society has three functions: a social function, providing channels for social cohesion; a political function, holding Government to account and contributing to policy making: a normative function, setting standards by which government and society are to be judged and improved...more

Never mind their recommendations - the Calman Commission has questions to answer
Stephen Maxwell, TfN
Date: 25th Jun 2009
Of the forty odd proposals of the Calman Commission on Scottish devolution the one that has attracted most media coverage is for the Scottish Parliament to be given a power - and a very strong incentive - to set its own income tax rate. ...more

Community organisations 'not trusted' with property
David Ainsworth, Third Sector
Date: 25th Jun 2009
Audit Commission report says councils fear mismanagement and loss of income...more

Work needed if councils are to hand over assets
Jamie Carpenter, Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 25th Jun 2009
Just over two years ago, I was at a converted school building in Sheffield to witness the publication of a government-commissioned review into the community ownership of assets....more

Social Investment Scotland Customer Needs Survey
Social Investment Scotland
Date: 24th Jun 2009
Social Investment Scotland(SIS) recently conducted a ‘customer needs’ survey by means of an on-line questionnaire. All organisations completing the survey were entered into a prize draw and we are pleased to advise that Cli Gaidhlig based in Inverness won the draw. ...more

Bank of Scotland unveil awards shortlist
Chrisanthi Giotis
Date: 24th Jun 2009
Social Enterprise Ambassador Tim Campbell is on the shortlist to secure a £5m interest free loan from the Bank of Scotland's Corporate Social Entrepreneur Awards....more

Youth unemployment costing £2m a week
David Maddox, Scotsman
Date: 19th Jun 2009
A MAJOR charity has warned that youth unemployment is costing Scotland £2 million a week – or almost £12,000 an hour – and is set to rise further....more

'Prepare for criticism', GHA chief warns staff
Emily Rogers, The Herald
Date: 19th Jun 2009
The chief executive of Glasgow Housing Association has warned her staff to brace themselves for criticism from the Scottish Housing Regulator, in a leaked memo seen by Inside Housing....more

Free Mentoring Support
Realise Mentoring
Date: 16th Jun 2009
Realise Mentoring is a new programme funded by the Scottish Government and delivered by the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, SCVO, Edinburgh Business Development and Forth Sector Development....more

Public Social Partnership Welcomed
The Scottish Government
Date: 16th Jun 2009
A new approach to public service delivery has been confirmed in the award of a contract to create 10 Public-Social Partnerships (PSPs) involving social enterprises and voluntary organisations over the next two years....more

Capercaillie Cruisers Ltd sold to Re-Union Canal Boats
Date: 16th Jun 2009
A Family-owned canal boat hire business based at the Falkirk Wheel, has been sold to Re-Union, a social enterprise based in Edinburgh....more

Soapbox: the rise of social enterprise
Chip Feiss, FT
Date: 16th Jun 2009
Is it possible that a whole new, distinct fourth sector is developing right before our eyes? The modern business world has up to now comprised the private for profit, public/government and non-profit sectors....more

Time for social enterprise
Emily Ford, Times Online
Date: 16th Jun 2009
Like most other industries the not-for-profit sector also has a criminal fraternity, albeit one that is a positive force for change...more

New strategy for Comic Relief grants
Mathew Little, Third Sector
Date: 11th Jun 2009
Charity will distribute 'bigger and fewer' grants overseas in the next four years...more

Irish web think tank provides inspiration for Scotland
Stephen Naysmith, The Herald
Date: 11th Jun 2009
When Irish online consultancy firm Amas decided to use the web to find solutions to its economic crisis, it was seen as an interesting experiment in "crowdsourcing"....more

Community Ideas Campaign

Date: 11th Jun 2009
Launched on 4 June 2009, the initial phase of the campaign is seeking people's ideas ...more

Swinney announces support from new Enterprise Fund
The Scottish Government
Date: 11th Jun 2009
A recycling project, employment service and credit unions are among the first organisations to receive support from the Scottish Government's £12 million Third Sector Enterprise Fund, it was announced today. ...more

Third Sector Enterprise & Credit Union Funds
The Scottish Government
Date: 11th Jun 2009
Brief details of successful applicants...more

Charities lose again on welfare to work
Alison Benjamin, The Guardian
Date: 4th Jun 2009
At the first real opportunity it has had to let charities prove they can get us out of this recession, the government flunks it by awarding to private companies the bulk of its programme to get long-term unemployed people back into work....more

Summary Note of Ministerial Roundtable Meeting on Resilience in the Third Sector

Date: 4th Jun 2009
Summary Note of the Main Issues Identified at the Ministerial Roundtable Meeting on Resilience in the Third Sector  held on the 14 April 2009 at St Andrews House ...more

Speech at DTA National Policy Symposium
Naomi Alexander
Date: 4th Jun 2009
Speeech on CREATE Consortium’s campaign to establish the Community Allowance as part of the UK benefits system....more

Events and Application Award Deadline
Date: 4th Jun 2009
Sessions on Making a Good Application to the Enterprise Fund and Level 2 Application Award Deadline ...more

Transform TV - a channel for young people's potential
New Start
Date: 3rd Jun 2009
Transform TV was created in an attempt to tackle the stigmatisation and alienation of young people across some of Glasgow's poorest communities....more

Food for Thought Market Briefing

Date: 3rd Jun 2009
This Market Briefing distils key points from CEiS' full Market Assessment Report, which considers the potential for developing a sustainable market garden social enterprise. ...more
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