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Fit For Purpose'10: Keynote Speakers
Date: 31st Mar 2010

Red Tory intrigues and infuriates
Madeleine Bunting, The Guardian
Date: 31st Mar 2010
Phillip Blond was an unknown theology lecturer in Cumbria 18 months ago; now he has had the front cover of Prospect, been profiled in many national newspapers and on radio as one of Cameron's key thinkers, signed up with Demos, fallen out with Demos and set up his own thinktank....more

Britain must attend to its mutual interest
Geoff Mulgan
Date: 31st Mar 2010
This year is bringing a remarkable but little-noticed change, one that is likely to be accelerated by the UK general election in a few weeks’ time...more

Football reforms: fans' transfer window to buy clubs
Owen Gibson, The Guardian
Date: 31st Mar 2010
Gordon Brown's blueprint to give game back to fans comes amid clamour to act on debt...more

Deals, not structures, will drive the social investment market
Rodney Schwartz
Date: 31st Mar 2010
Keystone deals such as a new "social loan" are invaluable for the sector, says Rodney Schwartz of ClearlySo ...more

A life less ordinary in South Kintyre
Machrahanish Airbase Community Company website
Date: 31st Mar 2010

The future of Machrihanish Airbase could be in your hands!


Invitation to tender: Project Management
UNACCI (A’ the Artist)
Date: 26th Mar 2010
Expressions of interest are invited from suitably qualified and experience practitioners to deliver the final elements of this build project. ...more

People can play their part in the governance of the nation
Neil Jameson, The Guardian
Date: 26th Mar 2010
Learning how to take and handle power is much more liberating for the human soul than magnanimous gestures from politicians, says the leader of a successful citizen-led campaign...more

Island hopes for a windy bounty
Jeremy Cooke, BBC News
Date: 25th Mar 2010
It is among one of the most remote corners of Britain. It is also one of the most unspoilt landscapes this country has to offer....more

Crohn's sufferer celebrates award
Herald Scotland
Date: 25th Mar 2010
A grandmother given less than a month to live has scooped a £30,000 business award after designing her own beachwear range....more

Microloans in Hackney
The Observer
Date: 25th Mar 2010
When Faisel Rahman saw a microfinance scheme - lending tiny amounts to millions of (poor) people excluded from the banking system - thrive in Bangladesh, he wondered if it could work in Hackney, London? Yes, it could... ...more

Criteria for a Scottish Social Enterprise Badge
Date: 25th Mar 2010
To distinguish it from SEM, the working name for the Scottish identifier is the Social Enterprise Badge (SEB).  Like its London equivalent, it is not intended as a mark of quality but rather of values.  The shared values of holders, embodied in the criteria of membership, are the true force of our social enterprise movement.  ...more

Raising A Glass To New "Community Pub" Fun
The Plunkett Foundation
Date: 24th Mar 2010
A new initiative has been launched by the Plunkett Foundation and the Office of the Third Sector to encourage community-run pubs...more

Surge of interest in community shares
David Ainsworth, Third Sector
Date: 24th Mar 2010
Community shares more than doubled in popularity in 2009, according to a report to be published this week. ...more

10.3 million pounds for Scotland's Third Sector
The Scottish Government
Date: 22nd Mar 2010
Scottish Government provides cash to support 186 organisations ...more

Result of the Social Enterprise Mark Poll
Date: 19th Mar 2010
Senscot conducted an online poll  through its weekly bulletin on the preferred way forward for Scotland with regard to the Social Enterprise Mark. Here are the results. ...more

Dormant Bank Account and Building Society Accounts Act 2008
Scottish Government
Date: 18th Mar 2010
Many people forget about, or lose track of, small deposits of money in bank and building society accounts. Despite the efforts of banks and building societies to reunite these funds with their owners, they build up as dormant accounts assets in the banking system...more

Ripple effect of social enterprise uncovered
Rosie Niven, New Start Magazine
Date: 18th Mar 2010
A survey of more than 400 social entrepreneurs found that the overwhelming majority feel their work has social benefits....more

Study increases number of UK social enterprises to 232,000 from 62,000
Social Enterprise Magazine
Date: 18th Mar 2010
The UK could be home to 232,000 social enterprises and not the official figure of 62,000, new research shows. ...more

Double digit growth in Scots awareness of social enterprise
Date: 18th Mar 2010
Public awareness of social enterprises in Scotland has risen by 11 per cent in just six months, according to a recent MORI Poll.


Making good society – Launch Event
Carnegie UK
Date: 12th Mar 2010
The final report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Future of Civil Society in the UK and Ireland will be launched in Edinburgh next week....more

Senscot Legal Services

Date: 12th Mar 2010
The establishment of Senscot Legal Services (SLS) will offer bespoke legal services to the social enterprise community and wider third sector in Scotland. ...more

Scotland’s share – Dormant Bank Accounts
Date: 11th Mar 2010
Scotland’s share – Dormant Bank Accounts...more

Government and the Third Sector: relationships at local level
Voluntary Action Scotland, SCVO
Date: 4th Mar 2010
Councils are putting price ahead of quality when commissioning public services from the voluntary sector, according to new research. ...more

Social Enterprise Mark
Date: 3rd Mar 2010
After consulting with the social enterprise community in Scotland, Senscot asked the SEM Company that we vary this criteria in line with the wishes of our sector in Scotland. This request has now been rejected and Senscot is seeking your views on the best way forward. ...more

Bid to save community centres

Date: 2nd Mar 2010
Council facilities across Glasgow and Edinburgh  earmarked to be shut by the end of this month ...more

Enchanted Forest now in community hands
The Courier
Date: 2nd Mar 2010
THE RUNNING of a major Highland Perthshire tourist draw has been taken over by the local community...more
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