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Call for 60,000 extra social rented homes
Sara Gaines
Date: 30th Nov 2005
Every day that chancellor delays on a commitment to build more social rented homes 'a further 270 children will become homeless'. ...more

More lottery funding for buy-outs
Ben Walker
Date: 30th Nov 2005
Communities wishing to purchase land for communal use have won a multi-million pound cash injection from the National Lottery coffers. ...more

Single survey to reform home buying system
Scottish Executive
Date: 29th Nov 2005
House hunters and private sector tenants will have better information and new rights under plans approved by the Parliament. ...more

West to get almost £6 million in Euro cash
Scottish Executive
Date: 29th Nov 2005

The West of Scotland is to benefit from an additional £5.72 million of European funding, it has been announced.


Tenants rushing to submit transfer ballots
Edinburgh Council
Date: 29th Nov 2005
Vote will decide whether the Edinburgh City Council's 23,000 houses will be transferred to the control of a housing association. ...more

Greenspace Scotland network expands
Date: 29th Nov 2005
Copperworks Housing Co-operative has become the first member of the newly expanded Greenspace Scotland network. ...more

Right-to-buy delay in Scots Highlands
Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 28th Nov 2005
Right-to-buy is being suspended in communities across the Scottish Highlands as part of a move to address the shortage of affordable homes in the region. ...more

First ever social enterprise day a winner
Date: 26th Nov 2005
Day includes launch of 'Match Winners', a guide to encourage collaboration between the private sector and social enterprises. ...more

Communities Scotland awards
Regneration and Renewal
Date: 25th Nov 2005
Lochaber-based education and training initiative wins £250,000 support....more

£¼ Billion 'good cause' funding for Scotland’s communities
Big Lottery Fund
Date: 23rd Nov 2005
Largest of the National Lottery good cause distributors in Scotland publishes its detailed future funding plans as a manifesto. ...more

Task force calls for regional tax raising powers
Planning magazine
Date: 23rd Nov 2005
City regions should be given the powers to raise their own taxes to finance regeneration infrastructure, says a new report....more

Community councils in Scotland
Scottish Executive
Date: 22nd Nov 2005
Executive seeks views on role and effectiveness of the most local tier of democratic representation....more

Findings from research published by Elgin and Moray
Planning magazine
Date: 22nd Nov 2005
Promotion of investment and development in five towns in north-east Scotland have been studied by Elgin and Moray Partnership. ...more

‘Win-win’ for Kibble and Cope in UK awards
Date: 21st Nov 2005
Two Scottish social enterprises have scooped top honours in the UK Enterprising Solutions Awards.  ...more

First year report card on tackling antisocial behaviour in Scotland
Scottish Executive/Senscot
Date: 21st Nov 2005
Communities and local agencies are standing up more effectively to antisocial behaviour, says Scottish Executive....more

Fresh talent signs up for Scotland
Scottish Executive
Date: 16th Nov 2005
Almost 600 overseas students have successfully applied for a two-year visa extension since launch of work scheme in June....more

Women Entrepreneurs - the greatest untapped potential
Date: 15th Nov 2005
Female entrepreneurship is a critical driver in achieving economic prosperity and higher productivity, says agency chief....more

Wind research blows away myths
Date: 15th Nov 2005
UK has "a vast and dependable wind resource in the UK, the best in Europe", contrary to claims of opponents of wind-power, says research....more

Affordable homes boost for Skye
Scottish Executive
Date: 14th Nov 2005
A £20 million project is about to begin at the Home Farm site in Portree, and will create 169m affordable homes over 10 years....more

Youngsters encouraged to succeed
Date: 14th Nov 2005
First Minister says enterprise education could give young people the initiative and  "get up and go" they could not learn from school books. ...more

Cash package paves way for Argyll air links
Planning magazine
Date: 11th Nov 2005
Communities in the Highlands and Islands are to be served by air links aimed at opening up some of the country's most remote rural areas. ...more

Lottery throws lifeline to vulnerable communities
Big Lottery Fund
Date: 9th Nov 2005
Hope  that vital funding will save the heart of some of the most isolated villages in the north of Scotland. ...more

Hunt for missing millions of voters
Government News Network
Date: 9th Nov 2005
Electoral Administration Bill will place new duty on electoral administrators to make sure everyone eligible to vote is on the register. ...more

Scotland to Benefit from Euro Funding
Jethro Marsh
Date: 8th Nov 2005
£75 million boost from Europe will help enhance the levels of skills and training in a number of sectors....more

Funding for woodland expansion
Scottish Executive
Date: 8th Nov 2005
Glasgow and the Clyde Valley are set to receive £3 million as part of a major drive to use woodlands to improve the lives of people and regenerate the area....more

Study laments state of deprived areas
Planning Resource magazine
Date: 7th Nov 2005
Residents in deprived areas are getting lower standards of street cleaning and rubbish collection than those in affluent areas, says new research. ...more

Voluntary sector throttled by red tape
Rosie Niven
Date: 7th Nov 2005
Bureaucracy is stifling innovation and putting people off voluntary and community sector work, an independent task force warned this week. ...more

Aberdeen needs 900 affordable homes
Aberdeen Council
Date: 1st Nov 2005
Aberdeen needs nearly 900 new affordable homes a year between now and 2010, councillors will hear today....more

Cheap homes level to drop, says study
Regeneration & Renewal
Date: 1st Nov 2005
The number of affordable homes being built will soon reach the lowest level since the mid-1980s, says a social policy research charity. ...more
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