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ĎI donít see how this area can be the most deprived in Scotlandí
Helen McArdle and Rebecca Gray, The Herald
Date: 30th Oct 2009

It may only be a stoneís throw from ďParadiseĒ, but Barrowfield and Parkhead East is now officially Scotlandís most deprived area.


Swinney replies to Senscot
John Swinney, Scottish Government
Date: 30th Oct 2009
Reply from John Swinney on the role of social enterprise in the Third Sector Task Group ...more

ASEN Leaflet
Date: 29th Oct 2009
A leaflet proudced by the Aberdeen Social Enterprise Network outlining the membership and their area of activity. ...more

SKS Microfinance float poses question of profit and exploitation
Rhys Blakely, Times
Date: 29th Oct 2009
Plans for a stock market flotation by Indiaís largest private microfinance lender have further inflamed the debate over whether the industry should be putting profits or the wellbeing of its impoverished clients first. ...more

John Swinney on the role of social enterprise
John Swinney, Scottish Government
Date: 29th Oct 2009
Reply from John Swinney on the role of social enterprise in the Third Sector Task Group ...more

Voluntary Action Scotland Widens Membership
Voluntary Action Scotland
Date: 29th Oct 2009
Scotlandís Councils for Voluntary Service (CsVS) have voted to open membership of their new national body, Voluntary Action Scotland, to Volunteer Centres (VCs)....more

Key messages for Mark holders
Date: 29th Oct 2009
The national launch of the Social Enterprise Mark has now been confirmed.  This unique celebration will be held at Voice10, which will take place in Cardiff on 1-2 Feb 2010....more

New members for Grants Committee
Date: 29th Oct 2009
The Scottish Community Foundation is currently seeking to appoint new members to its Grants Committee....more

Social Enterprise Mark- qualification criteria
Date: 29th Oct 2009

This document sets out the qualification criteria for organisations applying to access the Social Enterprise Mark.


Letter to John Swinney
Senscot and SSEC
Date: 23rd Oct 2009
Senscot and the SSEC (Coalition) have written to the Govt. pointing out that we donít acknowledge SCVO as representing the social enterprise sector....more

Q&A: Charities and disputes
Robert Oakley, The Guardian
Date: 22nd Oct 2009
In the fifth of a series of pieces giving legal advice to the charity and social enterprise sector, Robert Oakley, a partner at Bates Wells and Braithwaite solicitors, answers questions on charities and disputes...more

Lloyds bosses to hold summit with Swinney and Gray over charity row
Tom Peterkin, The Scotsman
Date: 22nd Oct 2009
THE Lloyds Banking Group is to meet senior politicians in a bid to heal the damaging rift with its charitable arm which could cost Scottish good causes millions of pounds....more

Swinney to get tough on CPPs
Date: 22nd Oct 2009
Scotland's finance minister says he is committed to bringing into line Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs) that fail to include third sector organisations at the top level in the decision making process. ...more

Banking crisis hits Scots charity
Date: 15th Oct 2009
A leading charitable foundation is suspending payments, worth £6m a year, to Scotland's charities after being hit by the banking crisis....more

Responsible Finance Campaign and Coalition
Date: 15th Oct 2009
The Responsible Finance Coalition (RFC) [working title] is a broad alliance of third sector and community organisations with a shared interest in ensuring that fair and affordable finance is available to all, including disadvantaged and underserved, communities....more

Search for Social Enterprise Snapper
Date: 15th Oct 2009
The Scottish Social Enterprise Coalition has launched the search for an inspiring photographer to visually capture social enterprises in Scotland, telling their stories through imaginative pictures....more

Social Enterprises & Housing Associations
Date: 15th Oct 2009
Many Housing Associations extend their activities beyond the provision of affordable housing, setting up social enterprise initiatives in areas such as services operations and environmental projects. ...more

The Commons and the Nobel Prize
Andy Wightman
Date: 15th Oct 2009
Fantastic news this evening as it is announced that Professor Elinor Ostrom is the joint winner of the Nobel Prize for economics. ...more

Tribute to Stephen Maxwell
Martin Sime, SCVO
Date: 15th Oct 2009

Martin Sime, chief executive of SCVO, pays tribute to Stephen Maxwell on the occasion of his retirement


Self-care and expert patients
Denis Campbell, The Guardian
Date: 14th Oct 2009
GPs need to realise these programmes exist and encourage patients to use them Ė they help you to take control of your life...more

Q&A: Social enterprises and the law
Iain Cathcart, The Guardian
Date: 9th Oct 2009
In the fourth of a series of pieces giving legal advice to the charity sector, Iain Cathcart, of Bates Wells and Braithwaite solicitors, answers questions on social enterprises...more

Time for banks to play their part
Larry Elliott, The Observer
Date: 7th Oct 2009
Plans to force Britain's banks to pump money into poor communities in exchange for their massive taxpayer bailouts are being drawn up by the Treasury, a senior minister has revealed....more

Getting community ownership back on track
James Hunter
Date: 7th Oct 2009

Dr Jim Hunter sets out a number of propositions which if acted upon, he argued, would go a long way to getting community land ownership back on track


Social Scots Clueless About Social Enterprise
Glasgow Chamber
Date: 7th Oct 2009
Almost half of Scotlandís population donít know what a social enterprise is yet it generates over £2bn for Scotlandís economy...more

Treasury plan to force banks to lend in poorer communities
Larry Elliott, The Observer
Date: 6th Oct 2009
Minister looks to US Community Reinvestment Act as model for alleviating poverty...more

Supporting Voluntary Action

Date: 1st Oct 2009
Purpose and Vision Statement for Third Sector Support Services ...more

Joint Statement on the Relationship at Local level between Government and the Third Sector
Joint Third Sector Task Group
Date: 1st Oct 2009
This document has been produced by the Joint Third Sector Task Group consisting of Scottish Government, SOLACE, COSLA, SCVO and third sector representatives.  ...more

Helping the Third Sector combat recession
Scottish Government
Date: 1st Oct 2009
Third Sector organisations affected by recession can apply for support from a £1.7 million Resilience Fund, John Swinney announced today. ...more

Labour conference EXCLUSIVE: Treasury Secretary Ďextremely interestedí in Community Reinvestment Act
Chrisanthi Giotis, Social Enterprise Livewire
Date: 1st Oct 2009
Chief Secretary to the Treasury Liam Byrne told a Labour conference fringe event that the government is looking at the possibility of US-style Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), which compels banks to invest in deprived neighbourhoods.

Scotland Feels the Chill
Susie Sell, Regen and Renewal
Date: 1st Oct 2009
As with much of the rest of the UK, regeneration in Scotland has been held back by the recession. But Susie Sell discovers some optimism alongside the gloom....more
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