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Gordon Brown ‘Recruited’ to Launch New Agency
PACE Recruitment
Date: 29th Sep 2006
Gordon Brown will be making the key note speech at the launch of PACE Recruitment on Friday 29th September at the headquarters of BRAG Enterprises, Crosshill Business Centre, Crosshill, Fife.

Law firm criticises Scots public benefit selection
Nathalie Thomas
Date: 29th Sep 2006
The criteria for selecting the first groups of charities to face  the new public benefit test in Scotland have been challenged by a  specialist charity law firm in Edinburgh. ...more

The gaping holes in the hole-in-the-wall strategy
Kevin Sugrue
Date: 29th Sep 2006
Banks are failing poor areas and missing opportunities at the same time, says Kevin Sugrue (New Start magazine)...more

Call for more community spirit to boost neighbourhoods
Jon Land
Date: 26th Sep 2006
A major new survey by a leading volunteering charity has today shown almost 80% of people across England want to see more community spirit in their neighbourhoods but many don't know how to make the change. ...more

Review of asset powers launched
Jamie Carpenter & Richard Garlick
Date: 25th Sep 2006
Powers designed to help community organisations take over the management and ownership of public assets are not being sufficiently used, the Government admitted this week. ...more

CIH joins Labour Party Conference debate on low cost housing
Date: 25th Sep 2006
The Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) will today propose radical new ways of making the benefits of home ownership more widely available to social housing tenants at a fringe session of the Labour Party Conference held by the All Party Parliamentary Group on homelessness and housing need. ...more

Executive hopes £20m EU clawback will be cut to £3m
Tom Gordon
Date: 25th Sep 2006
Ministers hope to pay back as little as £3m of a £20m bill being demanded by Brussels over past European funding to the Highlands and Islands, it has emerged....more

Marking out the territory
David Brindle
Date: 22nd Sep 2006
Ed Miliband, 'Brownite' third sector minister, insists that the idea of charities being major public service providers has been overplayed. He clarifies Labour's vision to David Brindle ...more

Government green light for city economic bodies
Joey Gardiner
Date: 22nd Sep 2006
Organisations with the remit to deliver economic development and physical regeneration across entire conurbations have been given the green light by the Government. ...more

Lib Dems look to take lead on localism with centralisation attack
Paul Humphries
Date: 22nd Sep 2006
The Liberal Democrats this week attacked the government for damaging English cities through ‘over-centralisation’, and launched their own proposals to devolve power and boost competitiveness. ...more

Crafty move boosts West Kilbride
Date: 20th Sep 2006
Town's efforts to transform its town centre despite its empty shops, by re-styling itself as a Craft and Design Town. ...more

Reform will bring ‘devolution to the doorstep' says Kelly
Date: 20th Sep 2006
Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly promised yesterday that the Government ‘will not soft pedal or step-back from radical reform’ in a speech setting out new proposals to ensure local government reform brings a ‘new era of shifting power to our communities’....more

West Kilbride Craft & Design Town named UK's Capital of Enterprise
Date: 19th Sep 2006
West Kilbride Craft & Design Town in Scotland has today been named as the UK's capital of enterprise, as the winner of the DTI's Enterprising Britain 2006 competition. ...more

Report offers major support for framework
Planning magazine
Date: 15th Sep 2006
A key document to support Scotland's first statutory national planning framework was published by the executive this week. ...more

Scots get private-led tourism body
Samantha Thorp
Date: 15th Sep 2006
Businesses in the Cairngorms in Scotland have formed a private sector-led body designed to promote tourism in a defined area, according to an adviser to the body's board....more

Health Minister Outlines Sector's 'Crucial Role'
Ben Pindar, Community Newswire
Date: 14th Sep 2006

The Secretary of State for Health, Patricia Hewitt, has today outlined the "crucial" role the third sector can play in the provision of health and social care services across the country.


Good Company: Issue 1
Good Company
Date: 14th Sep 2006
Good Company is looking to fill a gap in the literature in Scotland, where despite an impressive diversity of social enterprise, the sector attracts little media coverage.

Health Procurement Guide
Social Enterpirse Coalition
Date: 14th Sep 2006
 More for your money” is a guide on how social enterprises as suppliers can help achieve better outcomes from NHS. It includes case studies that illustrate how contracting with social enterprises has benefited a range of NHS organisations. ...more

'Ashamed' Short confirms she'll step down
Caroline Gammell
Date: 14th Sep 2006

The former International Development Secretary, who quit her post over the Iraq war, said she was "profoundly ashamed" of the Government.


Cameron elevates social enterprise role
Catherine Neilan
Date: 5th Sep 2006
David Cameron has unveiled an extended version of his eight-point plan for the Conservative Party, with social enterprise high on the agenda. ...more
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