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Jan 2005


The Development Trust Association's quarterly journal 'Networker' has a focus on the work of DTA Scotland in its Winter Edition, acknowledging the' the building momentum' of the movement in Scotland.


A momentum is beginning to build.


With a steady flow of new applications for membership from trusts from all parts of the country and a similar number of new contacts being established with communities who are interested in the idea of setting a development trust up, there is little doubt that the movement is beginning to be 'noticed'. Our first annual conference held in Inverness in August, drew twice the number of delegates that we expected and they came representing communities the length and breadth of the country. The decision to hold the DTA 2005 Annual Conference in Glasgow next year is very welcome, as it will undoubtedly raise the profile of the movement further.


Scottish Executive policy tilting towards development trusts


With Futurebuilders Scotland highlighting community led regeneration as one of its key themes to support, and a recent proposal to establish an additional fund to support community acquisition of assets, there is a growing sense with in the community regeneration and enterprise sector that the development trust idea is taking hold on an increasingly broad front.


Raising the profile - getting the message out.


Our website was launched late summer and the number of hits have increased steadily with each month. We will continue to produce a bi-monthly e-bulletin as this is an effective way of reinforcing our message and maintaining a form of contact with a very wide number of individuals within the sector. Our 1st annual review has also been distributed widely following the conference in August.


Local networks beginning to form


Membership in certain parts of the country has grown to the point where local clusters can begin to network on a more regular basis. In order to support this process, DTAS has decided to seek funding to commission local development trusts that have the experience and the capacity to operate as our agents in the field.


Toolkit for emerging development trusts


In response to the level of demand from communities for help in establishing an effective legal structure for their development trust, we have produced a resource pack /training course which is designed to:


- help the organisation reflect on whether they are a development trust, and if they are, what

would be the most appropriate legal structure to adopt.

- establish a mem and arts for a Company Ltd by Guarantee that will be acceptable to Inland

Revenue Charities Section for charitable status (assuming this is the structure they chose)

- clarify the roles and responsibilities of being a director of this sort of organisation



Supporting enterprise development within the membership


With SEP(GB) EQUAL Funding, we have established our Enterprise Support Programme which provides small scale financial support for members to help them develop their level of enterprise activity. Two levels of support are available, Level 1 awards are for applications of up to £1,000 to assist with the promotion of the exchange of knowledge and skills within the network and to support new and emerging development trusts (open to non-members of DTAS). Level 2 awards are for applications up to £5,000 to advance the work of development trusts through a specific project. A number of our members are currently involved in renewable energy projects and the government's commitment to increase community involvement in the field has created a number of opportunities. In particular, the potential of small scale community owned windfarms to generate very large income streams for development trusts is one which we are actively pursuing in partnership with a firm of renewable energy specialists.


DTA Scotland

54 Manor Place

Edinburgh EH3 7EH

Tel. 0131 220 2456

Fax. 0131 220 3777





Spotlight on the latest member to join DTAS


Cumbrae Community Development Company are based on a very small island in the Firth of Clyde. In the 50's and 60's, Cumbrae was a hugely popular holiday resort but, like many resorts on the Clyde coast, has been out of fashion for many years. The trust aims to reverse this decline and their first major project is well underway. CCDC has the funding in place for a £4.3 million restoration programme of an 18th century building and gardens. The building is of great civic importance to the island and when completed it will house a museum, library, health centre, café, and a variety of much needed community facilities. Long term tenants have already been secured so an income stream is assured. In addition to the building and the gardens, the trust has acquired an adjacent parcel of land which they hope to develop at a later stage. A development manager is soon to be appointed who will drive forward a wider programme of work.

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