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Feel the Warmth
Feel the Warmth is a social enterprise which produces high-performance, heated wearables in response to the rising issue of fuel poverty felt by older people in Scotland.
The wearables are produced by a young labour force in Scotland and feature a silicone polymeric system that is self-regulating, safe to use and mobile, with low running costs.
The system produces far infrared (FIR) heat energy, which has non-invasive therapeutic properties with the added benefit of providing much-needed warmth for the wearer.
Age UK estimate that in the 21st century, a mixture of poor housing conditions and high fuel costs have led to a rise in cold weather related deaths – over 40,000 over 65s in 2014-15 alone, equating to over two and a half million avoidable deaths in the last 60 years.
Managing director Jean Rooney wants Feel the Warmth to combat the rise avoidable deaths which arise from issues surrounding fuel poverty.
All profits generated by Feel the Warmth are reinvested to provide free products for those most at risk, taking steps to address an acute social problem while at the same time creating jobs for young and long-term unemployed members of the community.
Feel the Warmth are currently looking to work in partnership with other charities and third sector organisations to help them distribute their products.
You can visit their online store to browse their catalogue of products, which so far include belts and waistcoats.
For more information, contact:
Feel the Warmth Scotland CIC
Unit 4
Hamilton Street Industrial Estate
Tel: 01555 752 106

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210