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Doggy Chillin

Doggy Chillin is a social enterprise which has designed a range of courses to educate young people about how to be safe around dogs and better understand their behaviour.
They have designed a series of courses which can be delivered in schools to enable young people to grow in confidence when it comes to being around dogs through a heightened appreciation of their nature.
Doggy Chillin is committed to working with young people, many of whom find it difficult to engage. With dogs safely introduced into the learning environment, the focus is shifted from the student to the dog.
Part of the work they do involves helping children who are lack the confidence to read proficiently. For students for whom communication and social interaction can be a challenge, this experience can enhance learning. In addition, students are taught how to engage safely with dogs, offering them invaluable skills which they can demonstrate to others.
Doggie Chillin also offer one on one consultations for dog owners who are experiencing difficulties with their dog, helping them develop a stronger bond with their owner which encourages more predictable and manageable behaviour.
Doggie Chillin uses Jan Fennell’s method of ‘amichien bonding’, through which the owner improves their communication with their dog, helping deconstruct the dog’s ingrained ‘pack mentality’. This helps reduce the dog’s stress levels, leading to a calmer, happier dog.
Some of the courses available include:
Being Safe Around Dogs – a 50-minute tutorial on how to safely interact with dogs, where participants are taught the close links between dogs and wolves through interacting with a trained Doggy Chillin dog.
Understanding and Caring for Dogs – A course which promotes positive ways of communicating with dogs that help the owner’s self-confidence.
Reading With Dogs – Reduces the anxiety involved around reading, boosting self-esteem and promoting enjoyment for reading. These are relaxed, fun sessions which are tailored to the age of the pupils, their reading ability and any additional support needs.
Doggy Chillin is currently looking to rent about three acres of land in or near Renfrewshire to open a dog day care centre.
This would be a social enterprise, whose primary business would be the care of owners’ dogs whilst they are out at work.
In addition, it would offer training and employment opportunities to young people who find it difficult to obtain work.
The centre would also seek to develop partnerships with other organisations with similar ideals.
For more information, contact:
Doggy Chillin
17A Hunterhill Road
Tel: 0780681479

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210