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Barholm Enterprise Centre
The Barholm Enterprise Centre was formerly a derilict pub which was been transformed into a thriving enterprise centre in the heart of the Creetown community in Galloway.
The Barholm, or the Ponda as it is known to locals, had spent almost a decade slipping into a derelict state, having previously enjoyed status as the focal point of the community. With the help of Creetown Initiative, and funding from the National Lottery, the old pub was given new life. Now known as the Barholm Enterprise Centre, it offers multiple businesses and community members opportunities that were previously unavailable. 
It boasts an arts and crafts cooperative, giving a collection of local artists access to a shared shop space that they could not afford separately. One of the most difficult hurdles for a creative in the area to overcome is the need to find affordable ways to market themselves. Being part of the cooperative gives the artists the opportunity to have space in a shop at a fraction of the price.
The cooperative features a wide variety of artists, selling range of goods including knit-wear, wood carvings, photography, paintings and handmade jewellery. The artists are all local and keen to be part of a project that benefits both them and the community. 
The building also houses a high-quality accommodation facility, a bike hire business and a recently-opened charity shop. The centre also offers facilities to the community that are scarcely available throughout the region, such as the electric car charging point. 
An enterprise like Barholm relies on a lot of interaction with the community, through supporting the businesses like the charity shop or being a part of it like the arts and crafts cooperative, but the benefits and profits are all fed back into the local area to build up the local economy and make Creetown a more prosperous place. 
For further info’, contact:
The Barholm Enterprise Centre
St John's Street,
Tel: 01671 820810

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Company Registration No. 278156. Scottish Charity No. SC 029210